1. Working with Trista Ch. 02

    Date: 11/4/2017, Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Author: ChastityLatexSlave, Source: xHamster

    Working with Trista Ch. 02 byamberbmaid© This is the second chapter of an on-going story of working with Trista. All feedback is welcomed. Day 3: That morning I was awakened as my phone rang; Trista was calling me telling me it was time to get up. She said that she would be over shortly. I hoped it was to let me out of the chastity device. That moment couldn't come soon enough, and neither could I! A few minutes later Trista knocked on my door. I opened it, and she was dressed in a pair of spandex shorts and a zip up workout vest. My cock tried to stiffen at the sight of her outfit. It didn't happen. She smiled and reached for my boxers. She fondled me, feeling the device, &#034I see you still have it on. Is it still working do you think?&#034 she said will a bit of sarcasm in her voice. It definitely was still working especially as I watched her in the skin tight outfit. She told me, &#034Well I have good news, because it's important to keep up your exercise routine I'm going to take off this device for your workout. But don't you dare think of cumming. Also, after the workout it goes back on each day. Sound good?&#034 At this point, I figured I'd best take this offer as I just wanted to get out of this thing, no matter how brief, and there was always the chance she'd change her mind. She kneeled down to unlock the device and immediately my cock sprang to life. It was fully hard in a matter of seconds just from being released. &#034Ok go put on your tights,&#034 Trista ... said, &#034we're going to go work out.&#034 I couldn't go like this I tried to explain to her, but she was insistent that we were going in just the tights and nothing more. Finally she said, &#034Ok, I've heard enough, today is the last day you're wearing black tights. I'm going to go shopping today and get you different colors, so your little hard cock will be even more noticeable.&#034 At that point I quit protesting, figuring I could only dig myself deeper into a hole. The workout went as expected. I was hard almost the entire time, from my room, the elevator trip downstairs, throughout the workout, back up the elevator and back into my room. Watching Trista in her skin tight clothing certainly played a large part. By this time, my balls were aching and it wasn't even 10 am yet. I felt this could be a long day. &#034Time to put your device back on,&#034 Trista said as we returned to my room. She went to the bathroom, and told me to come in with her. She then lowered my tights and touched my rock hard cock ever so lightly. I moaned instantly, wanting so badly to cum. She then got her hands ice cold under the water before returning to my cock. Immediately it softened and she locked the device back on me before I knew it. Oh the frustration. She then pulled up my tights and patted my ass. Trista then stood up and unzipped her workout vest, revealing a very thin sports-bra that barely held her breasts. She took my hands and put them on her chest, my cock now straining against the ...