1. I like to watch

    Date: 11/5/2017, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Voyeur, Author: kinghut, Source: xHamster

    My wife Meg is a 5'2&#034 with red hair and a 34-29-35 body measurements. There's no fat on her at all. Her green eyes make you want to melt when you look into them and my buddies are always trying to see down her top or up her skirt. One night I got Meg pretty d***k when a couple of my friends were over. She had on a pair of see-through panties on. She was sprawled on the couch and I slowly lifted her skirt up until my buddies could see she how nicely she keeps herself clean shaven. That got them going, my buddy Biff said he'd give me 500 bucks if I'd let him fuck her. Hearing that, Meg seemed to wake up to what I was doing and I was in the dog house for a week. My buddies scurried out of the house and I was left to face my wife's wrath. She told me that if she wanted those guys she would of married them. That she wasn't something to be shown off and that her body was for me only. When I asked what she thought about swapping or threesomes I was instantly in deeper hot water and she said that I could just fucking forget it, that if she even thought I was trying anything or thinking about wife swapping she would cut my balls off. So I went along thinking there was no way I would ever see her getting fucked by anyone but me, that is, until I read a story online about a guy who tricked his wife into having sex with his friend without her knowing it wasn't him. I read that story very carefully and after a day or two came up with a plan of my own. After making my decision, I ... went to the adult book store and got what I needed. Now if I could just get Meg to go along with me, I might yet see a strange cock in her pretty little pussy. That very next Saturday I took her out to dinner and dancing and we had more than our normal amount of drinks. Meg wasn't d***k, just really happy. When we got home I said I wanted to be a little bit kinky tonight and showed her the blindfold I'd bought. &#034So you're going to wear a blindfold?&#034 she asked. I laughed and said, &#034No silly, it's for you to wear. I read an article that said if you deprive your partner of one of her senses, then other senses become enhanced. I want to experiment so see if that's true. You might enjoy it.&#034 She looked at me and said, &#034That sort of makes since. Okay, let's do it.&#034 So we stripped and climbed on to the bed and I put the blindfold on her and asked if she could see anything. She said no, so I pushed her down on the bed and really fucked her like we haven't done in a long time. My lust was fueled by the thought that with the blindfold on she wouldn't be able to tell if it were me or someone else fucking her. That really turned me on. After I had cum and rolled off her, she admitted that she'd loved having the mask on, that it made it seem like everything was more intense. &#034And you licked my clit it was like have 4 tongues on me at one, I guess my senses were just heighten to where I could really feel every little thing.&#034 So Meg was sold on the idea of a ...