1. Skin on Skin

    Date: 11/5/2017, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: WTBenji1983, Source: sexstories.com

    This story was written at the request of my new friend Roxii, who wanted to know how I thought our first encounter might go... From the moment she said "why haven't you kissed me yet?", I knew I'd wipe the paint from her lips. And as I lay on my back next to her, all sweaty and out of breath, I wondered how I could ever be so naive to think that the night might've gone any other way... Roxii and I had been talking online for a few months. We'd met on an adult dating site, and given that she lives in the USA and I in Australia, we'd never met in person. We are both married and were both looking for some stimulating conversation away from home. Roxii is intoxicatingly sexy...she's intelligent, witty, and she has a dirty mind, which was everything I was looking for in a new friend. We'd exchanged plenty of photos, and her looks lived up to the hype that her personality created. At just 5'5, she had a real "girl next door" look about her: big innocent eyes highlighted her pretty face, framed by her blonde hair. She had curves I couldn't ignore...full, perky breasts and an amazing ass that turned me on every time I saw it. Needless to say, I was hooked from the very beginning! A few weeks ago, Roxii had told me that she had been asked to fly to Australia to work with a local surfwear brand. As soon as I read those words, my chest (among other things) tightened. Anxiety, anticipation, excitement, and about a dozen other emotions hit me like a wave...we'd spoken about what might ... happen if our paths ever crossed, but deep down I expected the fantasy would remain exactly that, a fantasy. Cheating on my wife was something I'd fantasised about often (especially since getting to know Roxii), but never thought I would actually do. The bad news was that it was Melbourne she was visiting, and not my home town of Sydney. Roxii had told me that there was a job back in the US immediately after she was done, and that she'd only be in the country for a couple of days. Disappointed to be so close yet so far, I wondered how I could possibly get to Melbourne without raising suspicions of infidelity. We talked about it plenty over the days and weeks that followed, and whilst I was inclined to believe her when she said that she was as frustrated as I was, I sensed that she was enjoying the effect she had on me. I was sure that my frustration was a turn on for her. Two days out from Roxii's arrival into Melbourne, I received a message: "Hi BenBen! Just about to jump on my flight, so it's time to stop torturing you and confess...I'll be in Sydney for a night before heading to Melbourne. You got plans Friday?" I knew it! In an instant, the weeks of frustration build up disappeared, replaced by both the tightening of my chest and the front of my pants. "Turns out I am, actually" I replied. "The wife has decided to go babysit at her sister's place. She probably won't be back until Saturday afternoon". "Excellent, I don't know anyone in Sydney and I need a guide. We should ...