1. It Was Late. Deborah's view

    Date: 11/5/2017, Categories: Cuckold, Author: DoctorBlue, Source: LushStories

    It was late. Too late to back out. You had brought us to this point. I snapped the lock shut on your chastity cage and your cock looked strangely sexy tucked inside its chrome bars, your balls engorged by the ring behind them. I removed my jeans and pants and allowed you access to shave my pubic area. I know it turns you on to shave me, that’s why I put the cage on first, silly. You did a great job on my pussy it looked and felt so smooth. The soapy water had felt good in the shower as you washed me and the soft fluffy towel wrapped around me made me feel warm and cosy. I slipped the new underwear on we had chosen together at the store. I love the feeling of new underwear. Remember how I laughed when the assistant said she hoped you would enjoy unwrapping me. Little did she know. I wondered briefly how you were really feeling as you gazed at me. Were you excited or apprehensive? I slipped the dress on and finished my make-up. The final touch of red lipstick. I was surprised you wanted me to wear my wedding ring but I was happy to oblige.Your compliments were wonderful. I felt like a million dollars. I fixed the manacles to your nipple rings allowing you a little movement. So considerate of me I thought as I blew you a kiss and left. Sitting in the car on the drive I gathered my thoughts. Why would you want me to fuck some guy? I am happy as we are. I told you time and time again it was you and only you I wanted but after all your persuading and cajoling I finally agreed. ... Now it was time. I felt a dampness between my legs. Steve was waiting as arranged at a bar in town. We had made contact via a dating site, skyped a couple of times and finally, we all met for coffee in town. I wanted him straight away though I never told you. Soon we were drinking and chatting inside. It was not long after that his cousin Phil appeared. Phil said he was on his way home but decided to call in for a drink as he used this bar a lot. They took turns dancing with me and during the slow ones I could feel Steves cock pushing against my leg. The time flew by and soon the bar shut. It was then I decided to invite them back for a night cap as Phil said he lived nearby. Your face was a picture when I opened the door and introduced them to you. I laughed when you could not shake their hand. Your wine service was way too slow for the guys and they asked for a tour of our house. As soon as we entered the bedroom my dress was off and Steve had his tongue down my throat. They lowered me onto the bed and Steve stripped. I gasped when his erect cock sprung into view and I started to rub it. Phil meanwhile had my pants off and had his head between my legs. His tongue was flicking and teasing my clit. He lifted my legs up and probed my hole with his tongue. It was so good. Meanwhile, Steve had moved around and opened my mouth to accept his lovely cock. I felt him tug my nipples. You know I love that. It brought me to my first climax. I tried to take as much of his cock as I could ...