1. Sophie's Awakening - Part 3

    Date: 11/5/2017, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: happyalex, Source: LushStories

    Alex woke up on Sunday morning with a minor headache and a dry mouth. Applying a hand to his forehead seemed to help as he slowly sat up and looked at the clock nearby. It read 6:30am. ‘Urgh,’ he cursed under his breath. Lying peacefully beside him was his gorgeous French wife, who was still fast asleep and recovering from another night of debauchery. The white linen sheets had largely slipped off, allowing him to admire her in the dim light. Her blonde hair flowed down her shoulders. Her little t-shirt that was all bunched up, revealing her sexy midriff. And her cute little Victoria Secrets sleeping shorts that had risen up her derriere enough to reveal most of a smooth white cheek. It was enough to make him hungry again. Which reminded him, their first ever home sex tape was on the IMac in the study, waiting to be watched. ‘I still can’t believe she agreed to do it,’ Alex told himself, hoping it wasn’t all a dream. His wife had been submissive and insatiable again, and he dared to hope that a new phase in their sex life had begun. She had allowed herself to be spread wide open and fingered. She had invited him to fuck her mouth and pussy, and even talked dirty. Part of him wanted to wait until Sophie was there to watch the video together for the first time. But that part wasn't strong enough to overrule his lower brain, which was sending out very strong orders now. Leaning over he gently kissed his wife’s cheek and tip toed out the bedroom door. Though turning into the ... study he was in for a surprise. “Morning Papa,” his eldest said, looking up from his comic book. “Ah. Morning Leon, how did you sleep?” He replied in a mixture of disappointment and affection, accepting that he would be waiting to watch the video after all. ------------------- Luckily Sunday flew by in a whirlwind of activities, meals and chores. Alex barely thought of the video until evening fell and the kids were in bed. When his mind finally turned to it he could feel the excitement building. But just as he was about to suggest that they consider watching it, he found a glass of red thrust into his hand. Sophie was obviously keen to do the Sunday night usual, and so he followed her lead. Plus, when he thought about it, better they loosened up and decompressed after a long weekend before watching the video in any case. Their Sunday night routine usually involved poring a glass or two of red wine and then hanging out in the living room. They would chat about the weekend, swap gossip, and plan anything important for the week ahead. Tonight she had opened a bottle of Chateau Mont-Redon, which was full bodied and smooth on the palate. Sophie watched her husband intently as he decided to join her on the large sofa, moving her long legs to the side to give him space. She had always found him to be attractive enough. At 5’9 with brown hair and blue eyes, he was better looking than average and kept in relatively good shape. But she had dated better looking guys before him, and when ...