1. My Four Favorite Freaky Ways to Fuck

    Date: 11/5/2017, Categories: True Story, Consensual Sex, Female solo, Horror, Latina, Male Solo, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Reluctance, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women, Author: slick_chick, Source: sexstories.com

    * * * * * Author's Note: Those of you who have already read some of my other stories posted at this site may recognize specific passages in this story. In writing this story, I have chosen to make use of several excerpts--either copied over verbatim, or in most cases, edited--from other stories that I have already written. I felt like there was no need for me to "reinvent the wheel," just so that I could share this particular facet of my life story with you. * * * * * My Four Favorite Freaky Ways to Fuck by slick_chick * * * * * From the time I had my very first menstrual cycle, all the way up until the time that I finally reached menopause (I was in my mid-40's when that "less-than-pleasant event" happened), I had always felt like I was a true freak-of-nature. Like something was "wrong" with me. I had no idea why I always craved sex so much. But I couldn't deny the fact that I did. And I realized that I was a "sexaholic" at a very early age. But due to the fact that I was growing up as an oversexed female in the United States of America--with its deeply-ingrained Puritan cultural roots--I was left with no other viable choice, but to live a double life. God, I was one horny little bitch! I pretty much stayed in a horny state most of the time. Of course, nobody really knew this, but me. Since I happened to be born as a female, I have always had the natural tendency to keep my much-stronger-than-average sex drive repressed and well-hidden, because I wanted to be thought of ... as being a "nice girl," instead of a "wanton slut." And in the United States, it has been my personal experience that a post-pubescent girl automatically gets labeled as being either one, or the other (by both her male and her female peers); and that this behind-the-back, black-or-white, blanket categorization is bestowed upon girls and women in direct response to the level of sexuality that they outwardly display. But I was also always on the lookout for those "special times" when it was safe for me to "let the tiger out of its cage," so to speak. And that can be taken both figuratively and literally, since you could think of "the tiger" as being my hairy pussy, and "its cage" as being my cotton panties. And that's just the way that things were--and had always been--for me, ever since I was a young girl. And I'm positive that there are a lot of you oversexed women out there in America who must feel close to the same way that I did. Let's face it. I knew that I wasn't the only oversexed female in this country. And therefore, I couldn't possibly be the only one who went through this kind of double life stuff. I feel that I need to mention here that being an oversexed woman is not the same thing as being a nymphomaniac, even though they are both forms of female hyper-sexuality. According to one Internet-hosted dictionary, "Nymphomania is characterized by recurrent sexual intercourse with different male partners, promiscuously and without falling in love (but not as a paid ...