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    might keep his wife in custody for another month. “She is very popular already, Mr. Obutulezi. She is going to meet the president himself very soon. As we speak, your wife is undergoing security investigations by his staff.” She is getting fucked, her husband thought. Like everybody else, these men are crazy about her body and exquisite fuck hole. But hey, why not get the best out of the situation. If president Museveni liked Tanya, which he undoubtedly would, he could sell her sexual services to many other African nobilities. Little did Obutulezi know that this was exactly what the Ugandan president himself was planning to do. In two week’s time, 54 head of states would assemble for the annual meeting of the AU, the African Union, in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Museweni wanted to become president for AU, which was the highest official position on the continent. It did not hold much power, but it was very prestigious. He had already made the bribes and promises, but so had several other contestants who wanted election. If his competitors for the post were offered something very unusual, like a white woman with a superb body and extraordinary sexual skills never heard of before, they might be willing to step down from their candidacies. But first and foremost, the president personally had to make sure that this Ms. Obutulezi was equal to the task.