1. Susie's First Visit

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Fiction, Trans, Author: jackie offee, Source: sexstories.com

    Susie’s First Visit. Susie Jean is based on one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. She is a worship leader in the Church music department at a local Baptist Church here in town. This is a story of what I would like to see happen in the future. It was about a week after my wife passed away after a long illness, I was escaping from the pain using strong drink and dressing for pleasure. I had put away a good half box of cheap box wine and was feeling no pain. I was dressed in my short retro 70's dress and my pantyhose, make up making me look and feel like a slut when the phone ringed. I answered it and Susie Jean, from the Baptist Church up the road, was on the other end. She asked me how I was holding up after my loss and wanted to know If I was interested in her coming over to bring me a care package from the rest of the people at the Church. I said I was not in a good place and admitted that I was drunk and escaping the role of being a strong man by becoming a lesbian slut. She took forever to come back with a reply, but when she did she said that being alone at a time like this was the worst thing for me and I really should let her come over so she could help me through my grief and loss. I told her I had no intention of stopping my behavior and if she came over she would have to be prepared to see me in a role she would most likely have problems accepting, and further more, if she did come over she would also have to wear a dress that was no longer than the top of her ... knees and she must also wear pantyhose or a garter and stockings. High heels would be the only other Item she would be allowed to wear and if she wore anything else or brought anyone else, she would not be allowed in the door. I expected her to back out, but, she instead told me she would be at my door in a half hour. I told her that she would be coming at her own risk, and I intended to do what ever I felt I needed to to feel good. I also told her that if I felt I was in an aggressive mood and I would not take no for an answer, therefore, she should think of a word that would mean “NO” so she would have a way to tell me to stop whatever she was doing and give her a chance to leave. I hung the phone up expecting her to decide not to show up and give me time to get my emotions back under control. There was a knock on the side door. I looked out the peep hole and there was Susie. Her long blond hair with just a touch of gray, shining in the sun. I opened the door and let her in. She took a look at me and smiled as she handed me a crock-pot of green Chili that she brought for dinner. She was wearing a nice purple suit dress that just touched the top of her knees, She had on Suntan stockings and had purple pumps with about a 3” heel that perfectly matched her dress. I took the Chili and set it on my kitchen counter and asked her to come into the living room. She sat on the couch and I joined her on the other other end. I looked at her beautiful eyes behind her fashionable glasses. ...