1. the next days fun ( Pt 2 )

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Diary, Anal, Ass to pussy, Bestiality, Bisexual, Cum Swallowing, Fisting, Group Sex, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: 38ddboobs, Source: sexstories.com

    After yesterdays fun, we both hurried to get ready, and headed down to the beach around 10 am, as we walked along the beach to the same spot, guys started to follow, we didn’t even have time to lay the blanket down before guys started to wank, asking if I was playing again today. Grabbing Grants cocks and sucking him deep, told them yes, as hands found my body, it didn’t take long for Grant to suck on a few cocks too, hands and cocks finding my holes ready for use, as cum filled my pussy to start the day of, Grant took one guy and told him to fill his butt, at first the guy hesitated, then moved behind Grant, and sank his cock, balls deep in his butt, just as 2 guys took me in a dp, with a third in my mouth things were going well. We had taken quite a few guys, when Jim turned up, fucking my butt in a DP with another guy, then I told him to give Grant some cock and let him feel, the beautiful large cock head as I had. I watched as Jim went behind Grant, and waited while another guy finished unloading into Grants butt, then I saw Jim grab his hips, his large cock head, against Grants hole, then with one hard thrust Jim pushed in fully, I loved the look in Grants eyes as he was filled with one huge cock head, Jim took control and fucked him, I was taken by several other guys, then Jim started to cum, and asked who wants, Grant said ‘yes please’, and then with a few more hard thrusts, Jim flooded Grants, man hole, when his cock slipped out, he went down licking up his own cum. ... As the lunch time rush started, we both took guys and cocks any way they wanted, Grant taking 2 at once in his butt, as I took another 3, Jim was in my mouth, then I felt some thing familiar, as a huge cock began to enter my butt, looking behind I saw Mark, as his cock hit home, all of him going deep in my butt first time, oh boy, I was now going wild, orgasm after orgasm rocketed though me, the guy under me cum and pulled out, Mark carried on fucking my butt for awhile then pulled out and rammed into my pussy, filling me quickly, he sped up and fucked me fast, what a cock, it felt so good, my cervix was next to be fucked, he took his time, working his cock home, then it popped in, my cervix opened up, then he began to fuck hard and fast again, I was lost in orgasms, as Mark took full control, then he let loose, cum filled my womb, Mark fell contented onto my back. As his cock slipped out, I saw Grant look and smile, I told Mark, his next fuck was going in Grants butt, he said hello and agreed. As he rested I took several other guys, as they had fun, Grant was being taken care of too, his mouth now sucking Marks cock, working him hard again, I knew he would want Mark in his butt as soon as he could, and he did not have to wait long, Mark going behind and slipping his cock fully home, we watched one another have fun, I could see Marks cock going right in as Grant enjoyed anal orgasms, by now the guys just took us any way they wanted, Mark had been fucking Grant for some 20 mins ...