1. Dilemma 3

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: True Story, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Straight Sex, Straight Sex, Author: ohbegentle, Source: sexstories.com

    On arising the next morning, I was surprised to find my partner making breakfast for me. A gesture she usually does, when sucking up to me, and there you have it. A kiss and a hug, and an apology - " I'm sorry love, I have been so moody, work has been very busy". All is forgiven, hah ! She knows how to manipulate me. But it was nice to chat normally again. She has always been a tease, and I must say when she is in the mood for sex, and I emphasize when, she really knows how to push my buttons. By the look in her eyes, and her affectionate manor, today might have been one of those rare days. Krystal said, " It's a shame we have to work today, a bit of play time might have been good for both of us, but I have to go to work now, and your working this afternoon, maybe I can wait up for you when you get home". I replied, " Yes, we both could do with a good session of fucking". But I knew from past experiences, she would be exhausted and asleep when I got home. It was then I decided, fuck work, I'm going to ring in sick and not tell her, and find a way to seduce and surprise her. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ At this point, I will introduce my partner Krystal, I want you the reader to identify her by her name, rather than my partner or she, all the time. Krystal manages a florist shop - a small but successful business. ... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I had decided get myself all dressed up, showered, shaved, the expensive shave she likes on me, and visit her at work. It was to be a big surprise A bit of the surprise was taken away, as I forgot about the bells on the door, announcing my arrival. Krystal saying "Whats wrong, why aren't you at work", really concerned. I hugged her and whispered in her ear, " We have been at each other lately, and I wanted you this morning at breakfast, and couldn't wait for tonight". Krystal blushed, and said "Don't be silly, I'm at work". I knew that it was lunch time for her employee, there were no customers, I turned and put up the closed sign and locked the door. Krystal stood defiantly, but I quickly kissed her lips and moved onto her neck - her pheromones tantalizing, arousing me more. I ushered Krystal into the back office. Tasting her sweet lips in a passionate kiss, she responded. Suddenly she pushed me backwards, and glared at me... " Okay, what have you done"? I feigned a look of sadness, a sparkle in my eye, "I have missed your hot sexy body", we both laughed. I grasped her curvaceous buttocks, as I closed in, she let out some expletives. " Fuck you, you want the this", pointing at her body, "come and get it", she pushed me away. I saw the naughtiness in her eyes, she was going to play hard to get. Krystal attempted to run around the desk, but I caught her from behind, grasping her ample breasts, fondling them roughly through her T-shirt, tweaking where her nipples were. She ...