1. The Medical Alternative

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Enema, Foot or shoe fetish, Humiliation, Reluctance, Author: Pinwheeler, Source: sexstories.com

    The Medical Alternative Kaylie was a bad girl. Often she was in trouble as a kid. Her parents always thought she would grow out of it, but things only got worse when she hit high school. Now she had barely graduated. Her parents worked hard to send her to college, hoping if she could land a good job someday, she'd be alright. You can imagine her parent's horror when she was booted out of school before the end of her first semester. Back at home, her mother was more infuriated than ever. They had done all they could to send their daughter to college, and here she was, back at home before she could finish one class credit. Her parents had a strong suspicion that Kaylie dabbled with drugs. That she drank was a given. She reeked of booze when she came home late some nights. When her daughter was out one day, her mother ransacked Kaylie's room. There she discovered pot, syringes, pills, obvious stolen merchandise. She was livid. Her daughter was heading to a bad place, but what could she do? Have her arrested? Ruin her life with a record? No. She was going to get her daughter clean somehow, and keep her that way. There was a clinic that her mother discovered while browsing online about delinquent young adults. After hours of videos, forums, and terrible advice, she stumbled upon Dr. Ulick. He ran a clinic catering to troubled persons who couldn't get their lives on track. She clicked on his video. “Are you a drug abuser? Do you love alcohol?” said the thin, gray haired man in the ... video, as he slowly paced his office. “Do you do what you want, when you want? Have you been to jail? To prison?” His blue eyes stared into the camera as he slipped on his white coat. “We here at Ulick Clinic can help. We can get you clean in one day, and you'll never want to return to your unhealthy, immoral ways.” Hanging a stethoscope around his neck, he continued his slow pace as the camera followed. “We utilize a whole body cleansing system. All that poison you have been filling yourself with will be gone. The fat, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, pot, hard drugs, all these negative substances make you feel lousy. They make you sick. They make you selfish, as you only care about your next fix.” Leaning against an exam table, he went on. “Not only will your body be purified, but so will your soul. Our cleansing techniques will deliver to you the feel good, natural nutrients you've been missing. You'll leave here healthy, calm, at peace. There's no need to end up in the gutter someday, or worse.” The doctor stared intently into the camera. “We personalize all of our treatments for every patient. One appointment, and you'll feel right as rain. Visit us today, and get your life back on track. I'm Dr. Ulick. Thank you.” “Well,” thought mom, “this sounds more promising than jail or rehab. They're doctors, after all. Maybe that's all Kaylie needs is a fresh start.” Unfortunately, before she could talk to Kaylie about the clinic, the inevitable happened. Kaylie was arrested for theft. ...