1. Sapphire’s Quest: Andromeda

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Alien, Anal, Extreme, Lesbian, Mind Control, Monster, Slavery, Author: Homealone_447, Source: sexstories.com

    Sapphire’s Quest: Andromeda by Droid447 This story is a spin-off deriving from Xenowars and tells the adventures of Ellen in search of her kidnapped mother. *** Anais was walking aimlessly. The white veil that covered her eyes was mirroring the fogginess that clouded her mind. Only her subconscious was awake, looking for a target. She detected a scent and followed it. It was close... Her legs stopped moving and she stood still for a moment, thoughtless. She had found a target and was ready to execute her imprinted instructions. A sudden heat ignited between her legs. The giant slug posing at her feet was in an offensive stance; his front fangs ready to strike with the speed of a viper. It was a Slogarus. They were common in this region and it was well known that their venom was deadly. Although, they moved forward so slowly that it was very easy to stay away from their sharp fangs. Anais knelt on the dirt and stared at the beast in front of her. The entranced woman hesitated for a moment when something in the back of her mind warned her about the danger. Then, a soft breeze caressing her moistened pussy reminded her mission and she carried on... She laid completely flat on the ground and spread her legs. Her pussy was on fire now and she began to breathe deeply from the spontaneous excitement. The giant slug detected a particular aroma that emanated from the woman and this changed its temper from offensive to something much more soothing. It started to move forward. Anais ... felt the weight of the giant slug pressing down on her belly and she moaned sensually. The rugged yet slippery skin of the creature felt wonderful on her erected clitoris while the heavy bulk slid on top of her crotch. Under different circumstances, Anais would be trembling in fear from seeing those dangerous fangs so close to her chest. But her mind was deeply lost in a hypnotic web of pleasure and she was only able to focus on her luscious bidding. When the slug was in the right position, he extruded the tip of his lubricated phallus and forced it between Anais’ drenched pussy lips. The woman's mouth parted with an intake of air and let out a subtle blissful groan. The thick rod reached the bottom of Anais's vaginal cavity but it didn't stop there. It pushed deeper, penetrating her uterus. The sudden extreme sensation made Anais flinch as she lifted her head from the ground, but the rest of her body stayed motionless and welcoming. The fullness of her body was so arousing than the pain was disregarded almost immediately. Less than a minute later, a small white egg was being expelled from the tip of the slug's appendage. It was the first of many... The slug had a large quantity of eggs stored in its body and it took a long time to squeeze them out, one by one. Anais received each of them with a proud moan and her belly expanded accordingly. Every time she got closer to orgasm. When all the eggs where lodged within Anais enlarged belly, the slug proceeded to fertilize them. With ...