1. Bitch and Dicking: Naked Dance Show

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Fiction, Authoritarian, BDSM, Wife / MILF, Teen, Author: Liv Beornwulf, Source: sexstories.com

    The sunlight is all too bright and dazzling in some bit of way. The forest is this immense and gigantic, embellished and bedecked beautifully and amazingly wonderful to the very last core and degree. Wherever it is that I cast my eyes at, it is all a sheeny and healthfully wonderful green site. I at long last look at Jace Dicking. My own beautiful gorgeous husband! He is seated down there on some huge rock, wholly and copiously naked in a way and pose where he has his back facing and overlooking me. Yes. He is sun bathing and enjoying himself out here in the warm and mildly satisfying air. I love being here with him, especially that he is wonderfully and brilliantly naked. I am naked and in every way thinkable undressed too. But unlike him, I am not sun bathing or washing myself in the abundant sunshine. I have different and contrasting plans instead. I am going to wash and scour myself right here in the naked stream by this forest. In fact, our house is based and built not far away from here. It is just infixed a few distance couple minutes away of walking. Jace turns his neck backwards so that he can glance and look straightly at me. I sneak a glance back at him, smiling momentarily while dancing and jigging about so that my breasts and buttocks dance and jig merrily too. Then with this accomplished, I swerve away from him to walk and plunge myself into the cool and yet warm stream before me. It is wonderful; it is glorious and remarkable. I shudder and quiver at first, up ... till I get so used and comfortable to this bit of iciness that seems to swirl and whirl about me. With the lapse and slipping away of time, it ebbs and recedes away finally. Things get back to normal again, which I like and adore so very much. The water beneath and about me is all clear and easy to sight and make out. I can even see and sight the floor of the naked stream itself, where tiny and wonderful tad bit of creatures are swimming and actively stirring about. I think it is high time that I take my bath. I glance behind at Jace and observe that he has fully turned himself towards me. He is quiet but attentive, mute but then not that all dumb actually. It seems like what I am doing here is fascinating and arousing him up. For a moment, I think I see his giant dick resting on the stone beneath him. I peer at him quietly and then take a much more attentive look. Yes, I am absolutely and definitely right. It is his big dick or penis which I am seeing with my own two eyes this exact moment. The way it rests and takes a peaceful nap on the rock is whipping and arousing me in a carnal form of way. I can even see his pubic and scrotum hair from straight here. Even his testicles' hair? I am merely joking and jesting about it! I touch and stroke about my nicely and well-shaped breasts. He is watching and deeply attentive--to even this. I move about and then pull my head down to lick and suck the nipple on my left breast. When I raise and tilt high my head up towards him, I notice ...