1. Old men can fuck good

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo, Author: kinghut, Source: xHamster

    One of the things I enjoyed about semi-retirement was freedom to either do nothing or write but that meant meeting certain publisher's deadlines. But then you have it worse in certain industries, deadlines for turnout of products, customer expectations, the boss, stock holders – a royal rat race. Not long ago I decided to see what a certain ski lodge up in the mountains was like. It was early spring the snow was melting off the mountains except in the &#034high&#034 country and most every ski bum in the state and elsewhere packed their skis and poles and headed home for another season. That's when I closed up the house I was leasing, dug into my savings to pay the rent ahead, utilities, and other expenses for four months; except for the credit cards. 'Don't ask, just send money, we'll tell you how much later.' I'd been at the lodge a week and f***ed myself to get a lot of work done on the novel I been struggling with. I was not paying attention to people around me, not that there were many. A couple retirees chilling out, a young couple, the athletic type, they would start out into the mountains along one of the ski and hiking trails and disappear until evening. You could see they were suited for each other, athletic, nicely toned, and in love. Each day I'd watch them take off and toward evening return. Soon they left returning to the rat race of the city and I was back to my lonely existence of one for the next couple of days. However, in the mean time I became aware of a ... young girl wandering around the lodge seemingly bored with herself. I tried to ignore her and keep on with my work during the day not breaking stride. She noticed me sitting by myself on the patio an umbrella offering me shade, a slight breeze playing about the patio and veranda. Some days the idyllic setting made me dreamy forgetting about my writing, just to sit and stare off into the distance. One day I glanced over to see the young girl watching me. She was probably fifteen or sixteen. Whenever I glanced over to her she quickly looked away. This went on for two days, the third day I took a chance and said, &#034Care to join me?&#034 The girl looked around thinking I was talking to someone else. &#034Excuse me?&#034 I repeated my offer. &#034Come on you look lonely. Jason Taylor.&#034 She got up moving over to the chair across from me. &#034Hi, Barbara Mills. No other k**s to play with or spend time with.&#034 &#034Your parents?&#034 I asked taking a chance asking her.&#034 &#034Going to Nevada on business so I'm parked with my aunt and uncle for the summer. Mom and Dad will pick me up before school starts at the end of August.&#034 Lifting my head in understanding I typed a few more sentences then shoved the tablet computer aside. &#034I've been parked here for the past couple weeks and haven't even seen more than a few hundred feet of the place since last Friday. Want take a walk?&#034 &#034Sure.&#034 She helped me carry the tablet and papers up to my room then we walked ...