1. The Pearl Of The Pacific

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Lesbian, Author: KatieElizabeth, Source: LushStories

    "Fun loving, affluent, recently single, forty something Australian seeks a twenty something girl for friendship and maybe more. Interested? I'm in Bora Bora in three weeks time for a short holiday. Join me! All expenses paid. I don't expect anything other than your company. After that we'll see how it goes. sallyrk75 1459678. " It was only a short flight north-west from Papeete but the nearer Air Tahiti got me to Bora Bora the more nervous I became. I'd started with a short reply to Sally's advert in Diva's personals. That led to longer email exchanges and eventually several marathon Skype sessions. By the time she'd asked if she could book my ticket from London to Los Angeles and onwards to Tahiti I knew I wanted to go. The airport was located on Motu Mete, a small, separate part of the island. When I walked off the tarmac into the tiny terminal building, Sally met me with a huge hug, kisses on both cheeks and a fragrant flower lei which she draped round my neck. "Ready for a holiday then, Katie," she said as we collected my case and walked to the jetty outside arrivals to catch the courtesy speedboat to the hotel Sally had booked. "I'm ready for anything," I grinned as we stepped into the boat and relaxed on the rear deck's padded seats. "We're in the Pearl Beach Resort," Sally shouted over the noise of the engines as the boat sped across the turquoise lagoon. "I've booked us into adjoining floating bungalows, the sort on stilts over the water. I hope that's okay?" "It ... sounds perfect," I shouted back, unsure what to admire more, Sally's beauty or the lush green, jagged peaked mountains that were perfectly reflected in the crystal water. "See you for dinner at eight?" Sally asked after I'd checked in and we'd walked down the wooden paths and bridges that led to our bungalows . "Fab. That'll give me time to freshen up and put something nice on. Until later then." After a wonderful dinner of grilled snapper and three large pina coladas I finally mustered the courage to pose the question I'd wanted to for weeks. "Sally, Why did you place your ad?" "Well, my husband left me for someone half my age. I found myself newly single and wanting to do something crazy. I also needed to explore part of my sexuality I've hidden since I was a teenager." She paused for a moment and blushed a little before adding, "I've also fantasised about a younger lover. And you? Why are you here?" "I just needed a holiday," I said with the straightest face I could. Sally looked shocked at my matter of fact answer. "Really?" "No, well yes, but if you can have a younger girl fantasy, then I can have an older lady fantasy. The minute I saw your ad, well... kill two birds and all that." "We're made for each other," Sally laughed. "Seems so. Well, now you have me in the flesh as it were. Are you nervous?" I asked. "A little. Are you?" "Yep, but I'd love to turn you on." "Well, assuming I'm not already, how would you do that?" "How would you like me to?" I teased. "Do you want a ...