1. The Dog Who Brought Dinner - Chapter 1

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination / Submission, Straight Sex, Lactation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Group Sex, First Time, Author: oldsteve, Source: sexstories.com

    THE DOG WHO BROUGHT DINNER & FRIENDS - Chapter 1 Tags: man/female and male dog, lactation man/female dog; man/male dogs, bestiality – but they are pets; erotic male/canine love, Romance man and dogs. She was sitting on the doorstep into my lounge room when I turned with my morning café to watch BBC News. My wife had gone to work; I was alone, and after my café and News, I would do the washing and then check my emails and anything else interesting. She was not a huge dog, but large enough to support a host of heavy, swinging teats, seemingly filled with milk: where were her puppies, was the obvious question, and why was she at my house, the next. Looking forlorn, I spoke, inviting her in, and she curled, heavily, beside my sofa chair, a little whine escaping her mouth. “Are you thirsty, girl; hungry?” She lolled her tongue out, so I went and got a plastic bowl of water, and a slice of ham, and also a bowl of Corn Flakes… well, I didn`t know, not having had a dog for perhaps 50 years! I placed them all before her, ruffling her head between her ears, and asked where she had come from, though not truly expecting an answer. She had some water, a bite of ham, even a mouthful of Corn Flakes; then water, and then she just lay on her side, and when I looked at her huge teats, I said “they must be so uncomfortable” and she whined again. I swallowed some café, put out the cigarette I had just lit, and sat on the floor beside her, gently rubbing her back, and even tentatively her ... underbelly, feeling her teats and nipples. This caused an immediate dripping of milk, some on my hand, so: I lapped it from my palm and fingers: it was delicious! Her tongue lolled out and licked my hand, and then she rolled right on to her back, 4 legs held up, and seemed to be proffering her…heavens, 8 teats to me! Is that what she needed – an emptying of her milk? Where were her puppies? Well, ok, I could do this: milk instead of café for breakfast, and it seemed as if this would ease her discomfort, and I was a liberated man without his wife`s breasts or sex for years now…and here was a female offering me 6 breasts! Being rational, I started at the front, and as soon as my tongue touched her, milk began oozing, and then pouring out, and to avoid it going all over the floor, my mouth sucked her tit – forget `teat`, my Lover had tits and nipples now – and I laid my head on her belly lightly and sucked equally lightly as she poured forth the essence of Life which should have been succouring her baby puppies. By tit number 3, my cock was raging in my shorts, my own pre-cum offering wetting the floor anyway. Still I kept `helping` her, and drinking; the milk was glorious to my taste buds, her fullness swelling my cheeks as I put her whole tit inside and emptied each one. At times, she raised her head and licked my face, and I took this as a `thank you` and even tongued her tongue once: it was also a strange, but ok taste. Moving to her other side, number 4 filled me, and I paused to ...