1. Consequences Of Getting Caught

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Author: sexozingguy, Source: xHamster

    A husband cheats on his wife & she decides to find a lover. Five full months have gone by since my wife caught me with another woman. My beautiful wife Sue and I have been married for five years. She is a 5' 4&#034 bombshell with blonde hair, a sexy slim figure with long tapering legs and 34B breasts. Sue has been the sweetest and the most adorable little woman since the day I met her in college. We inherited a large mansion with three floors from her Grandparents a few years ago complete with the servant quarters on the third floor. As a matter of fact, the third floor is where I’ve been making myself home these past five months. Ever since Sue caught me with Darlene a redhead that works at my office I’ve been calling the third floor home. The day Sue caught me in bed with Darlene had changed my life. I just wish I could turn back time and live that day differently. Once I returned home that evening, Sue had packed all my clothes and wanted me to leave. I had found a soft spot in her heart and Sue told me I could sl**p on the third floor. Most of my days have been spent watching television and playing solitaire. I’ve bought Sue flowers many times since that night with Darlene. Sue told me I broke her heart and she didn’t know if she could take me back. Over the last few months I’d noticed Sue had been going out with her girlfriends. I could see the lights of her car when she would pull into the drive at night. The last two weekends she was out rather late but wouldn’t tell ... me where she had been. Sue had told me she was with her friends and it was none of my business. Yesterday was Thursday and I arrived home from work around noon and I decided to do a little snooping in Sue’s bedroom. I didn’t find anything that would tell me if Sue was seeing anyone. Two things I did find, Sue’s wedding and engagement rings were put neatly in a ring box. She was still so mad that she wasn’t wearing her rings. The second thing I noticed was two new dresses Sue had bought and had hung in her closet. They were both short and one was red and would show a lot of cleavage. Another was black and had spaghetti straps and seemed like it too would put Sue’s breasts on display. I also noticed to new matching pair of heels with straps. I really haven’t come down here at night when Sue returns home when she is out with her friends. I wondered where she might go wearing these dresses. There was also a new phone number marked in her address book with no name attached to it. I copied the number down on a pad and left the room. I decided I would call the number on my cell phone and see if where just one of Sue’s girlfriends. Once I was back up on the third floor I got my cell phone out and started to dial the number. After the third ring the phone went into a message system and a mans voice came on saying, you had reached the number I called and he couldn’t reach the phone and would I please leave a detailed message for him to get back to me. The man on the answering machine ...