1. A Widow Rediscovers What Life Is About

    Date: 11/6/2017, Categories: Mature, Author: mrotis, Source: LushStories

    Bob and Karen met Rachel and Stephen when their sons began primary school. The two boys, Jake and Sam, quickly became friends and so did their parents. Bob and Stephen enjoyed going to the pub together. Rachel’s bouncy, joyous personality contrasted from Karen’s more serious, business-like persona, but they developed a truly intimate friendship. The two couples would dine at one or the others houses nearly once a week, and they took the boys away for a joint vacation on several occasions. However, when Sam was eight and Rachel was forty four, Stephen died of a sudden heart attack. Bob and Karen did everything that best friends can at a time of tragedy, but Rachel was inconsolable. After a year of struggling with her loss, Rachel decided to move from London to Edinburgh, where her parents lived, to build a new life. Money was not a problem – Stephen was wealthy from birth and his death produced a generous life insurance payout – but loneliness was. Bob, Karen and Jake travelled to visit Rachel and Sam, but over time the trips because less frequent. As years passed, the relationship deteriorated to the point where only Christmas cards and a rare phone call were exchanged. Part of the problem was time and distance, but it did not help that, as Bob described it, Rachel was no longer capable of having a good time. When Sam turned nineteen, he went away to university. Once Sam left, Rachel soon learned what real loneliness was all about. Her parents had passed away and with Sam ... gone, what little she had in life was gone. After several months of severe depression, Rachel decided to move back to London and start yet another new life. Rachel stayed with Bob and Karen while she looked for a flat in London, and instantly rediscovered the kindness and generosity of her old friends. While the bubbly Rachel of fifteen years ago was replaced by a morose, rapidly aging woman, Rachel found that she could still talk to Karen about anything. Bob, she discovered, had turned into a wise, polite gentleman who never seemed to tire of hearing about Rachel’s problems. Within three months, Rachel had found a place to live and completed her move to London. Rachel had never had a date in the years since Stephen had died. As time passed, Rachel realized that she was truly lonely, but she did not have a clue about finding a prospective partner. She looked at dating websites and even considered hiring an old-fashioned matchmaker, but she couldn’t go through with it. She told all this to Karen one Monday at lunch. “Karen, I am so fucking lonely. But, I just seem unable to do anything about it,” Rachel confided. “I have no courage.” Karen, who had worked as a highly successful human resources executive for many years before recently taking early retirement, thought over Rachel’s situation as if it were a business problem. She then asked her friend a pointed question. “Rachel, answer this question honestly. At this point in your life, are you looking for a life partner to stand ...