1. caught spying on my moms friend.

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Mature, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: mztery, Source: xHamster

    When i was a teen we had a really hot summer i was horny and stupid, i had caught glimpes of my moms friend getting changed almost by accident. I had been at the very back of our garden sneaking a beer one night and seen her in her bedroom taking off her robe and turning off the light, she was big with large breasts long dark hair and i wanted to see more. This day was exceptionally hot and i was sitting in the shade of the garden shed when i saw her at the bedroom window in a bikini top an ugly orange colour and a little to small for her, but i knew she would be in her garden soon enough. squezing between the shed and the wall i could slip into her garden between the wall and the very high bushes, to see without being seen, by the time i managed to squeeze past the shed i was scratched and dirty all i had on was a pair of old cut off jeans the bushes were even worse poking and sticking me but at last i was there and could see. she was laying face down on a sunbed to off and bottoms rolled down just showing the top of her ass big round and wonderfull. like i said i was stupid and horny just that was enough to get me hard and being that dumb i let my rock hard penis do the thinking. inspite of the bushes poking me the sweat pouring off me making my cuts and scratches sting i undid my jeans freeing my erection and began jerking off leaning forward for a better view hoping to see more sideboob or her pussy under those bottoms. As i started to jerking harder and faster she rolled ... over onto her back her breasts slapping as she sat up looking straight at me, i froze heart hammering holding my breath hard dick in my hand as she stood up and walked toward me. Hands on her hips big heavy breasts and round belly shiny with sun lotion right in front of me &#034out&#034 i tried getting my hard on back in my jeans&#034now&#034. I used my left hand to move branches and my left the shield my cock cutting and scratching myself even more, by the time i was out i was a mess covered in dirt old leaves and bl**d. She looked me up and down before she grabbed me by the right elbow and pulled me toward her kitchen door. My heart felt like it was going to explode sweat poured off me but i felt cold and i still couldnt button my shorts because i was still hard. I expected my world to end, a phone call to my mum police everything, my parents were the real scary part right then. The kitchen was cooler the blinds closed for shade she let go of my elbow turned on the tap and soaked a cloth before starting to wash my face and chest. &#034Your a mess&#034 she washed my arms her bare breasts swinging my dick pointing up toward them &#034turn&#034 my mouth was dry as she washed down my back and with my arms by my sides she pulled down my shorts lifting one foot then the other before dropping my filthy shorts in the sink. my legs were next, the bottom of my feet water pooled on the floor. My dick hurt my scrotum felt tight terror and anticipation i still dont know what was worse. ...