1. caught spying on my moms friend.

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Mature, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: mztery, Source: xHamster

    &#034Turn&#034 she was crouched down eyes level with my erection as she reached out holding my balls i closed my eyes as she used that cool wet cloth to clean the dirt and sweat out of my pubes and dick pulling back my foresking so tight over my head and wiped it with the cloth. My world wasnt ending she was topless crouched in front of my throbing painfull erection with a curious but serious expression on her face then she looked up at me &#034did you spunk all over my bushes?&#034 i didnt think just answered truthfully &#034no you caught me first&#034. &#034I could get you into so much trouble but i wont, but you have to do something for me, dont worry you will enjoy it&#034 She gently held my balls in one hand the other on my hip and leaning forward slid her mouth over my cock, i dont know what she did with her mouth but i could see the bulge in cheeks first on then the other feel her breasts hitting my legs as she bobbed back and forth. Pulling away she asked me &#034are you a virgin?&#034 i lied &#034no&#034 it was a long time ago she was a girl this was a woman, &#034i dont want you to cum to soon you can get it up again?&#034 i was nodding so hard so frantic she giggled and went back to blowing me. I tried to warn her my fingers were by now in her hair holding her bobbing head for support as much as anything, i tried to pull away she tightend her grip on my balls and ass and then i couldnt hold it ...
    back any longer i heard her coucgh a little at the first spurt i felt her lips squeeze tighter as she massaged my balls when it was over my knees felt week i felt drained and with my cock still in her mouth she swallowed. pulling my cock out of her mouth smiling and licking her lips she slid her bottoms down and as she stood up kicked them into the corner her breasts were shiny with sweat so was her face and belly she stood too close to see her pussy. She was breathing fast excited biting her bottom lip she took my hand and led me into the living room lay on the couch knees raised legs open &#034my turn&#034. Her mound was plump the hairs short some dark some grey a few white, her pussy a slit there inviting. &#034I dont know what to do&#034 she smiled &#034i will teach you&#034 and she did. I learned a lot in a very few week i touched licked and kissed every inch of her body, i learned how she wanted her pussy eaten how she wanted to be fucked, to use toys and when she started her period her tampon string hanging down she slid my cock into her ass. It ended when her husband returned it never repeated she told me 55 was too old for me i needed younger, maybe but she was some of the best sex i ever had before i met my wife. i still think fondly of her she died in an accident four years later i was seeing a 30 year old the 11 year difference bothered her too 11years 40 years we had fun a shame it had to end