1. Nudity Resort Humiliation

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Fiction, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Humiliation, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Older, Reluctance, Author: CharlesWolf, Source: sexstories.com

    I had just turned 21 and I was enjoying the sun at a nudist retreat that catered to adults, partially to work on my tan, but mostly to try to overcome my shyness at being nude. As I became familiar with my surroundings, I noticed that the retreat was pretty busy with a higher ratio of women to men; just then my thoughts were interrupted as a hand slapped my bare ass. I whirled around and was shocked to see Sharon, a sexy cougar that had been my neighbor next to my childhood home. Sharon was a petite-yet busty 5'4” African-American woman with wide sexy blue eyes that seemed to smile at me, those same eyes that smiled mischievously when she'd caught me staring at her years ago while she was sunbathing. “I thought I recognized that sexy booty !” Sharon said smiling; not having expected to see anyone I knew, I immediately felt self-conscious about my nudity. “Give me a hug baby” Sharon said as she advanced and hugged me, my cock making contact against her warm, oiled skin and becoming half-hard as her hands slid down my back and playfully squeezed the cheeks of my ass. Stepping back, she said “Let me take a look at you” as her eyes roamed over me. “My, you certainly have grown .” she said as she stared at my cock, which continued to grow under her gaze. I realized, I still hadn't said a word and stammered out: “H...Hi Sharon, you look great” and she twirled around, displaying her oiled,nude body, which was still sexy and tight for a woman in her 40's. We engaged in small talk ... for a few minutes, before Sharon said: “Baby, we've gotta get you oiled up before you burn” and then took me by the hand and led me to her towel, where she produced a bottle of tanning oil. As I reached for it she said: “That's alright sweetie, I'll do it for you.”; I started to protest, but stopped after she gave a playful slap to my ass. I stood there and blushed and felt extremely embarrassed as Sharon's fingers applied oil to my entire body (spending a lot of time on my ass, occasionally running a finger teasingly along the crack of it). When she got to my groin, I held my breath, waiting for her touch, but instead, she handed me the bottle and said with a mischievous smile “Maybe you should handle this part” As I started to apply the oil to my cock (with Sharon watching me do it, with half-lidded eyes full of lust), I heard a female voice yell “Hey Sharon, looks like your friend is putting on quite a show for you”; Sharon laughed and waved. Four attractive and nude MILFs came over. Irene (a slightly thick black woman with sexy yellow nails), Connie (another black woman with short, reddish hair and a bubble-butt), Suzie (a slight, dark-haired woman) and Helen, a perky, short-haired blonde with expressive green eyes and huge, but firm tits. I felt a little surrounded as the ladies came over to exchange pleasantries with Sharon, with bare breasts making contact with my arms & back and with some of the ladies “accidentally” caressing and squeezing my ass. Sharon introduced me ...