1. Movie Night 1 (Redone)

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Author: Rosethorn, Source: sexstories.com

    “Hurry Up!” Nick shouted as he bounded down the stairs to the den. “Did you bring the movie?” his voice echoed from below as I made my way at a normal pace down to the “man cave”. “Yes.” I responded, rolling my eyes a little at his enthusiasm. Nick had always been like this, super impulsive, impossible to keep up with. The white carpeted stairs opened into his dimly lit den, and there was Nick flopped on the couch getting the Xbox ready to play our movie. His slightly hairy leg was kicked up over the arm of the sofa and his bare foot flexed and swayed with the dance music playing over the house stereo. Goofball. He'd always been like that. Laughing a little at the spectacle, I went over to the couch and went to grab the DVD off the floor by his swaying foot where he had dropped it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something in his shorts though that made my cock twitch. The leg of his gym shorts had slid down his thigh and pooled around his groin, but in a gap in the fabric I could clearly see his smooth fat nuts. I paused and regained composure, but he wasn’t paying any attention as he updated the Xbox . Oh my gosh, I've waited to long to see this. He wont catch me. I dared a longer look and maneuvered slightly to see better. He had huge testicles that hung down low between his legs, but didn’t have any hair on them. They were still rolling around in his sack and moving slightly from when he sat down. “Hey let’s go!” I was snapped out of my memorization and lept up to ... put in the DVD. “Yeah! Finally done with that update!” I said excitedly to cover up any nervousness. “Yeah, that took forever. Damn it’s hot, did you turn on the air?” Nick stripped off his tank top and threw it across the room into the corner. “Dude, it’s your house!” I rebutted. He expected me to know where the air was? Nick stormed up the stairs and I heard the air turn flick on overhead. He flung himself back on the couch next to me and turned to look me up and down. “Aren’t you hot?” The question took me off guard. He obviously expected me to take off my shirt too. Shit. “Yeah I guess.” I muttered, peeling off my own t-shirt, exposing my hairless, slender torso. “Nice” he said with a satisfied air, and he sat back to begin the movie. My eyes roved over Nick’s body while he was distracted. His own chest was muscular and he had some fuzz around his erect nipples. He must still be cold. His abs had a small happy trail around his oval belly button that disappeared beneath his shorts. I could only imagine the beautiful pubes around the huge cock hidden in there. I peeled my eyes away reluctantly as the movie started. Gladiator was the movie of choice and I’d never seen it before. Nick had been excited to show it to me all week, and had talked about little else during breaks at football practice. When I’d seen him anyway. Now he hung out mostly with his friends from rugby. We had been best friends since freshman year, but we barely got to hang out nowadays. “You’ve got your ...