1. Impregnating Marina

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Author: horny fox, Source: sexstories.com

    Anticipation makes the hard-on longer. It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover. After our last time together and two sex sessions, Marina decided she wanted to get pregnant with my baby. We had a long discussion about it, I explained to her that I must knot her for the insemenation to be successful. She is due to be fertile this week. My phone rang, " Hello, Beautiful." I said with a smile. " Hello!" came Marina's sweet voice. " Guess what! Today's the day!" " I'm very wet right now," she continued, " right on schedule. I'm as fertile as I get today." " Do you want to meet this afternoon?" I asked. " I can leave work early." My cock starts to harden in my pants. It has been four days since I had last ejaculated and the slightest thought of sex with Marina is arousing. Marina stood up and met me near the door. " John, I really gave this a lot of thought and after weighing all the factors—" I roughly took her into my arms before she can turn away planting my lips on hers. She struggled but I kept kissing her and when she opened her mouth for a breath, my tongue entered and probed, tasting her mouth and tongue. Again and again she tried to break free, but my hands roamed all over her, her back and her ass. I rubbed and squeezed her ass as I continue to explore her mouth. She's dressed in a flowing blue dress, her hair is down around her shoulders, long and brown and shining. Her breasts are small raised mounds under the dress, she's taken off her bra. Her stomach ... flat, her hips narrow. She smiles at me. I smile back. My cock is rock hard, aching, and twitching it's been hard all the way over here. She's a special friend rapidly becoming my lover after three dates and five lovemaking sessions. She's been wanting a child for a long time now, but her ex-husband did not want children at all. The not wanting children was the primary reason for her divorce. After our first two lovemaking sessions, she asked; how I felt about having a children with her. I explained to her that all six of ex-wives had children, and that two of my ex-lovers are currently pregnant with my babies, and a third ex- lover who is a newlywed is currently pregnant with my baby, because her husband did not have adequate sperm count to get her pregnant. I explained I understood that she wanted to get pregnant soon since she is 35 years old, and that there is serious complications with a older woman being pregnant. " Remember, there is not supposed to be any commitment...that was your rule after our first date. We aren't supposed to be in a serious relationship," she said. " This is just for the baby." I take her into my arms again, pressing myself against her warmth, her breasts against my chest. I kiss her lightly, running the tip of my tongue over her lips..." Oh. I'm going to like it. I'm bad. So are you, Marina. So are you." I rub her back, her neck, her shoulders, kissing her mouth, her neck, down her front. She shudders as I tongue a nipple, hard under the thin ...