1. Serendipity

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Love Stories, Author: Simmerdownchick, Source: LushStories

    It was his birthday, but not even the sunshine of a beautiful day could cheer Pete up. Thirty-three years old and still single, he was re-evaluating his life choices, and mourning opportunities that he had sadly let slip by. Of all his failures, he knew that nothing was worse than losing his high school sweetheart. She was tall and slim, a delicate beauty with blue eyes, brown hair and a smile that would melt even the coldest of hearts. Tara was his first love, and the pain and regret he carried with him was almost too much to bear. It had been the end of summer, just before her senior year of high school and he had been accepted to the University of San Diego. It was going to be an exciting year for him, and he didn’t want to be dating a high school girl since there were so many college girls to be had. He broke her heart when he broke it off. He didn’t know it right away, but he had broken his own heart too. ooOoo Making a stop at the grocery store, he pulled on a cart and found that liberating it from the long line of carts was like removing an iron link from a chain. He really hated shopping, but tedium had its place and he needed to pick up a few things. The automatic doors opened and the fly fan blew back his thick blond hair as he pushed the cart into the store. His thoughts were on Tara and their high school hijinks as he shuffled up and down the aisles. The wobbly wheel made the cart pull to the right and he almost forgot what he was there for. His brown slip-ons, ... khaki shorts and light blue Hawaiian shirt made him look like a vacationer instead of a local, but he blended in with the other shoppers and no one gave him a second look. Fleetwood Mac quietly sang ‘Rhiannon’ over the store's speakers while he picked out some ripe plums before heading over to the check-out. He was in the doldrums of a boring routine, and desperately needed something to change. ooOoo Beams of sunshine were coming into her room like streamers where she hadn’t pulled the curtains all the way closed. “Mom, are you getting up today?” Shawn yelled as he stood outside the door. Tara was already awake, and rolled over to face the door. “Yeah, I’m up, I’m up,” she said without enthusiasm. What was there to get up for, anyway? Shawn was just going to go skate board with his friends, and since Tony left she felt there wasn’t any reason to get up. But she knew she had to just so that Shawn wouldn’t hover over her all day. At thirteen, he was now the man of the house and he worried about her. “Mom, we’re out of milk and you need coffee,” he told her after she finally emerged from her cocoon of a room. “And can you pick me up some Sharpies? I wanna trick out my board.” “So, you want a variety of colors, then?” she asked him as she brushed her long brown hair. She wasn't in the best of moods today, and Shawn picked up on that, immediately. “Yeah, if it’s okay?” She lowered the brush and smiled at him, “I’m sorry, baby. It’s not a problem. Please take your phone with you, and ...