1. Diavolo Ch 07

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Love Stories, Author: Levanahyll, Source: LushStories

    Abigail’s head was pounding when she finally blinked her eyes open. The air conditioning blew softly and a seagull squawked far off outside somewhere. Subdued lighting peeked through the slits of the closed blinds over the glass doors of her room. Abigail sat up slowly, frowning at a glass of orange juice and a couple of aspirin on her nightstand. There was a note propped up against the lamp, which read HANGOVER REMEDY. She frowned further when she realized she wore nothing but her panties beneath the covers. Panic seized her as she remembered telling--no demanding --Gabriel he make love to her. Oh-God! Had she fallen so low as to let a man have his way with her? She’d decided to trust Gabriel and sleep with him last night. Drinking had loosened her up enough to want more. Hugging herself, guilt weighed heavily within her. She’d sinned terribly. She scowled at the pills, head pounding like a monster inside her skull. No pills. It was a pithy penance for what she’d invited, reveling in carnal immorality with Gabriel. The worst was, she had no recollection of it. Yes. That was certainly the worst part. With a whimper, she rose and performed her morning ablutions in the adjacent bathroom. Her skin was pasty pale and circles appeared under her eyes. Afterwards, she pulled her hair into a mercilessly tight bun. Black was the color for today. A black long-sleeved maxi with a high-buttoned neck. Pushing her glasses up her nose, she trudged barefoot up the stairs and froze on the ... top landing. Gabriel lay on an inflatable queen-sized mattress behind the couch. The white sheets were tangled around his left leg and just barely covering his groin. His entire right leg, hip, and torso was bare. He had a pink scar on his right hip and a few bruise marks on his arms, probably where the IV’s had been. His brows were pinched together, his left arm tossed over his head, lips parted. A soft groan escaped him and his lashes fluttered over his cheeks. He was still asleep, and looked like he was in pain. Abigail’s hand came over her heart as hope soared. They couldn’t have done anything the night before. He was still recuperating from a broken leg and ribs. But, who could have stripped her and put her to bed? Michael strode in with Erica behind him. He carried a large carafe of coffee, and Erica carried two plastic grocery bags filled with goodies. Michael frowned at Abigail. “You look awful. Did you take the pills I left on the nightstand?” Erica beamed at her. “I’ll just put these in the kitchen.” Abigail just gaped. Michael had put the pills and juice on the nightstand? Had he undressed her? Her face heated to a million degrees. He looked at her funny. “What?” Abigail fiddled with the buttons on her dress. Gabriel chose that moment to let out a long distressed groan followed by a hissed expletive. Michael set the coffee down and grabbed a bottle of pills that sat on the counter. “Ease up, old man. I’m coming,” Michael huffed. After filling a glass with more juice ...