1. First time showing and playing in public

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Voyeur, Author: plez2tease, Source: xHamster

    John and I have been married for 20 years and dated for 10 years before that. We were both in the 11th grade when we started dating. Thanks to him pushing me in the right direction, we have had an adventurous sex life. We have been playing around with others almost from the beginning of our relationship. John wrote about the first time him, his best friend / my ex-boyfriend and I all played around together in my parent’s pool just after the 11th grade ended. Each of us had just turn 18 over the last few months. My parents started me late in school so I was a year older than most of the k**s in my grade. John was in a car accident when he was in Jr high school and had to redo the year. Over the rest of that summer and all through my senior year both of them plus several of our male friends had sex with me in almost every way we could think of. When I first started to date John, I was what you would call very old-fashioned goody goody girl. I only dressed in loose jeans and jerseys or if I had to dress up, I would wear a long dress that showed no cleavage and always had a full-length skirt to it. I had dated a few men/boys before John. I only ever let one of them, John’s best friend Russ, even touch my tits and I never let him go any farther than that. Thanks to John, that all changed over the summer and throughout my senior year of high school. John had a good job working in his father’s company. He was always buying me new outfits and make up. This was during the mid-80’s ... and we both loved singers like Cindy Lauper. Lots of the stuff he got me matched her style. I went from being an old fashion girl in the 11th grade to one of the wildest dressed girls in the school in the 12th grade, The first few time I had sex with others people, I was d***k, almost passed out, or completely passed out before I would have anything done to me. That did change over time so I was not always d***k when things would go on, such as the time I sucked off one of our friends in the back of band class. I realized over the summer and through 12th grade that I get extra-excited knowing men were using my body while I was too d***k or powerless to stop them. By the time I graduated from high school, I count that I had been fucked, I sucked off, or had some other sexual thing done to me by at least 12 of our male friends. In addition to the people I can remember doing something to me, John on a few occasions, while I was passed out let several strangers either fuck me or cum in or on me. John tells me I should add another 8 men and he meant men not boys played with me. I later found out that my older b*****r used to fuck me when I was left d***k in my bed at night by John and his friends. Many of these things can be found in my other stories. This is the story of the first time I ever did anything sexual in public. This took place the 3rd or 4th week back to school in my senior year. Up until then, I either was at my house or only around a few of our friend but no one else ...