1. Twisted and Torn Part 3

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Gay, Author: Man4Married, Source: LushStories

    Part 3 Chris, the married guy, had made his way into the gay sauna and in no time another guy was rubbing at his bulging cock under the white towel. The two men stood in the semi darkness while the taller guy let the short one lick and suck on his hardening nipples. The kisser played gently with the bulge underneath the towel and let his hands feel the hard muscles on Chris’ thighs and ass. Not wanting to scare him by being too forward, he kept the slow sensual tongue moving from one nipple to the other and licked the smooth skin. Chris tried hard not to moan at the pleasure but he could not believe he was enjoying the feel of another man's tongue on his chest. He was a married guy, for fuck's sake! The stranger’s teeth suddenly nipped at his right nipple and made him tense his muscles. His wife liked doing that to him and he shot down the guilty image and feeling and tried to listen out for the moaning which was drowned once again by the music. His turned his head to the right and saw the shadowy figure playing with his own cock and he looked into the guy's face, but the darkness cut out any eye contact which heightened the sexual feelings as he watched the arm stroke back and forth. Playing with his hairy balls, the spectator was happy to watch the man on man action, especially the taller masculine guy who looked like he was carrying one big fucking machine under that towel. Others stopped for a few minutes and then walked away in search of their own fun. He got off on ... watching and listening to guys getting their rocks off in here. Nothing better than hearing a hot heterosexual guy enjoy a man mouth or pussy on his cock and he knew this one would be no exception. The short man felt Chris’ semi hard cock twitch some more and grow harder so he moved back to make room for the throbbing manhood which was still far from being truly hard and erect. Oh, how he prayed he did not lose this piece of meat to someone else. Usually men get turned on by the first person they run into and then go shoot their hot load somewhere else. He had to play this one really cool but for now he was happy as the big man let him part the towel and put his bare hand on the semi rigid cock. Oh, how he wanted badly to drop to his knees and swallow it. It felt delightfully warm and hot as he slowly felt the length of it. This one was going to hurt a lot but he was prepared to take it like the bitch man he was as he kissed, licked and nipped at the wet, hard, manly nipples in the dark. Feeling the smooth hand on his member made his balls quiver and he felt the grip tighten. The stranger’s left hand reached up and pinched a nipple as he slowly started to run his right hand up and down the cock he just exposed. He leaned his body slightly into Chris and let his cheek rest against the rapidly beating heart of this fresh smelling married man who opened his legs a bit wider so he could support the weight against him. Chris arms hung loosely by his side and he wasn’t ready to stroke ...