1. First time True Story

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: First Time, Mature, Voyeur, Author: dublinerperson, Source: xHamster

    Had a memory this morning of my first time. I was never in a rush to loose my virginity, even though all my friends had a hangup and a need to do it, I always wanted to be away from all the stroies they always bragged about afterward. I wasn't a prude or stuck up I just knew I didn't need to live up to stories that were exaggerated. I was only turned 18, and had been jerking off at least 3-4 times a day most weeks (again not exaggerating) and got talking to a receptionist in a doctor surgery who was 39 married with k**s.ci had been in for a health check for a new job. She was a bit overweight, but people's appearance never really bothered me. I picked on the flirting so when I was leaving she put out her hand which I miscue mine and turn to which her hand ends up grabbing my crotch by accident. As soon as she had let go in shock she did it again on purpose and I could feel my cock twitch, to which she replied, oh I think we are both glad of that mishap. She looked up at me smiled and licked her lips. I got the outside and was heading for a bus when my phone rang. It was 1998 and thought a phone was a good idea. Oh I was right. I answered and the caller announced herself as the receptionist in a whispered voice. She asked could I hang around for an hour as she got off work then and she wanted to know if I'd like a fuck (her exact words). I paused but agreed as it was bad enough trying to hide my hard on under my coat but if I had of said no getting home on the bus would be ... really awkward. We met up and she drove us to a lake about a half hour away. On the way I nervously explained it was my first time. She calmly put me at ease which helped but it didn't nothing to ease my trouser pressure. We walked to a somewhat secluded spot beside the lake bank and next I know my cock is in her mouth. I'm looking around and I can see passers by and wondering could they see. She is just interested in getting my cock as hard possible and wet. I offer to lick her pussy but she says she just needs to be fucked it's been a month since her husband last fucked her. I look down at her as she is working the back of my glands and realise that I have no condom and ask does she, to which her reaction is short and simple.......a brief pause and says fuck it, I'll make sure I take my pill tonight. You're not going to last long so just relax and don't be worrying. So I lay her down and guide myself on top of her, her helping hand guiding me to a wet hot tight soft pussy. I push in and take long but slow deep thrusts. She wasn't k**ding when she said I wouldn't last long, 2 minutes, and I couldn't help it, I just came and flooded her pussy with my cum. We lay for a few minutes and she was grateful for the pussy full of cum, she was saying her husband keeps pulling out. I was apologetic for cumming so fast but she held me and said that it was perfectly normal and got on her knees and cleaned my cock. We drove back to where she picked me up, and was happy that she had given ...