1. Meeting my Neighbor

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay, Author: boernesucker, Source: xHamster

    I live in a small but growing city, but most everyone (including me) is on the DL so there's never a lot of action. I saw a post on Craigslist last night from someone in town. Since I couldn't get away I figured it was a missed opportunity, but I emailed him anyway hoping that maybe we could work something out another time. I was pleasantly surprised when he emailed me back this morning, and he was still looking and could host. He was only a couple blocks away, too. I made my normal excuses (&#034going to get some exercise&#034) and walked over to his house. He met me on the porch and we chatted for a couple minutes, then headed inside. He told me it was his first time and he was very nervous, but he'd been fantasizing about being with a guy for a while. We got naked and got right to business. He didn't want to kiss, which always disappoints me since making out makes me hornier. We stood and cuddled and fondled each other for a bit--he's older than me and a little taller, with a nice round belly and just a bit of hair. Just my type. He sat down in his easy chair and I knelt down to get to work. He had a nice cock, and even though he was nervous and soft he was already leaking precum. I worked over his cock, tweaked his nipples, & licked his balls, but since he wasn't getting hard I wasn't getting hard either--I need my partner excited to really get myself going. He kept slipping his ass toward the edge of the chair while I sucked on him and played with his balls, and he ... lifted his legs higher and wider. Finally I grabbed his hips and pulled his ass over the edge, put his legs on my shoulders, and dove tongue-first into his hole. I really, really love to eat ass. His was clean, freshly showered, and tight. As I ate him out he kept saying how good it felt and how he'd never had anyone rim him before, so I kept at it. At this point my own cock had finally woke up and was getting nicely hard. After a bit of jerking his cock--still soft--he told me I could rub my cock on his hole if I wanted. I wanted. I'm usually more of a bottom, but today, with this guy, I wanted to fuck. He got some lube from the side table and I lathered up my cock and his hole, working my middle finger in and stroking his prostate. I started rubbing the head of my cock in his crack, and he spread his legs wide. I worked the head of my cock into his hole, and he told me how much he wanted it and couldn't believe he was letting me do this. The angle was all wrong, though, and while I could feel his hole spreading for my cock I couldn't really work it inside. He stood up and bent over the sofa, and I went back to work eating his hole so I could get harder. I knelt him down, got up behind him, and started working my cock inside him. I got the head in past his sphincter and he kept telling me to go slow and asking how far in it was. Wow, that talk got me horny. His ass felt so good, hot and tight, that I could have shot my load right there, but I wanted to get my whole cock inside ...