1. Aunt Sue Part 4

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Cum Swallowing, Female exhibitionist, Incest, Author: maryme, Source: sexstories.com

    Aunt Sue Part 4 Sue was a bit disappointed when her sister, Mary and brother-in-law, Bob arrived. Her sexual romps with David would have to end. The taboo experience had awaked her sensual needs. She felt like she was 18 again. It didn't take long to get into "tourist" mode. Sue was having a great time in spite of not getting to play sex games with David. They toured the local landmarks, hit all the scenic sites, and visited two state parks. The few days they had together flew by. The morning before they were to return home, Mary got up early to do some last minute shopping and David went with. Bob was trying to sleep, but a ringing cell phone kept waking him up. Curious, he finally found David's phone laying on the kitchen counter. Two missed calls from his best friend Greg he noticed. "Odd that David would forget his phone", Bob thought, "He doesn't do anything without it." Bob remembered the day he bought it for David and how David carefully opened the box. Together they did the set up, wifi connection, etc. He even remembered the pass code they put in; 0,9,8,7. He pushed the buttons and the phone opened up. As he set the phone down his thumb hit the touch screen and the photos opened up. Intrigued, Bob scrolled through the various pics enjoying himself. But when a photo opened of the hole in the door to Sue's room, Bob took a sudden intense interest. Zooming in he could see Sue naked through the hole in the door. What had David been up to? Walking down the hall with ... phone in hand Bob knocked hard on Sue's door causing it to push open. Looking down he could see the absence of the knob and the hole. "What's up?" Sue questioned as she approached the door. "I have something I have to show you." He said. "I hope you understand. I'm so embarrassed but you need to see this." "What could be so embarrassing Bob? Sue said smiling. With that question Bob showed Sue the first pic taken through the hole in the door. She was undressing and down to her bra and panties. The next pic had her topless and the third totally naked. "I'm afraid David has been spying on you." Bob said. "I am going to take care of this as soon as they get back. He is going to get it." "Now wait a minute." Sue replied. "The door knob is missing and that is my fault. I should have had it fixed. And he is still a teenager full of hormones. I understand Bob. It was tempting to take a peek and his hormones took over." "But he didn't have to take pictures!" Bob exclaimed. "No, but all teens take pics of everything." Sue said. "And actually, I find it flattering that he would take a pic of me. Who would think he'd want to see a 40 year old naked?" "Well I know why." Bob said as he scrolled through more pics. Bob came to pics of Sue on her hands and knees, naked, with her full tits hanging down seductively. The next pic was of her ass very close to the door. Then of her bent over with her pussy right up to the hole. Bob was mesmerized. The next pic was of Sue's face close to the hole with ...