1. Straight guy giving head to my driving instructor

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: First Time, Gay, Mature, Author: jaywoolf, Source: xHamster

    I am 26 years old and I identify as a straight male. I have never masturbated to gay porn, I have never had a crush on another guy nor been attracted to another male ever. I do like transsexual porn, but never trans + a man always solo or with a woman. I was until recently in a semi-long term relationship and after that I’ve been very sexually active with a female friend of mine. Anyway, I’m currently learning to drive, and my driving instructor is a 50 something year old man. I have been learning to drive with him with 6 weeks or so, and although he is married and has c***dren he is definitely into guys. I first took him to just be friendly now I see it for what it was.. During the first couple of weeks things went as normal, then he started asking me about my sex life etc. Not in a pervy way, but I now realise he was feeling me out. So last Tuesday (the 22nd) was our last lesson before the Christmas break. He said that he knows I’m a student and that Christmas is hard a time, he said if I was a girl or something I could touch his cock and he’d give me a discount, he winked and said he was just joking. It was awkward him saying that, but I brushed it off as a bad joke. He then said well if you gave me head I’d give you another month free and then he laughed and said he was just joking again, but by the way he said I now he was serious. Now I pay for a month in advance, and if I wanted to continue after the break I would have to pay again on Monday for another 28 days. Also ... I am more or less ready to take my practical. So I guess he saw this as his opportunity. So I wished him a merry Christmas, shook his hand and wished him a merry Christmas. Now I share a house with 5 other students, and they’ve all gone home for Xmas and I’m home alone. Anyway, that night I couldn’t stop thinking about giving him head. Literally couldn’t stop. It was turning me on so much. I masturbated three times just that night, and throughout Christmas I just kept thinking about it. I kept searching things like ‘straight guy but want to suck cock’, ‘am I becoming gay’ I ready about straight guys that meet guys on craigslist and have sex with them. I was so turned on by what was happening that I text him on Sunday night. I said send me photo of the cock I going to suck tomorrow. He sent me a dick pic and I cannot I express how turned on I was at this point. My heart was beating like never before. So Monday morning at 10am he picked me up as normal. He asked to go into my place but I didn’t feel comfortable doing it there, and part of being in the car made it all the hotter. I still couldn’t believe what I was doing as we were driving along, we went out behind a water treatment plant. He looked at me said how I must be super tight on money to be doing this. I lied and said that’s why, I could tell that actually that scenario of me doing it for money was turning him on and I liked that. He pulled down his pants, the look on his face, the way he lusted for me, turned me on so ...