1. Carol's Mom

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Fetish, Author: heelzanpearls, Source: LushStories

    Carol had just left to pick her Mom up from the railroad station and I was quite pleased. Her mom Janice and I have always got along quite nicely, and I always enjoy having her over. In her early sixties, Janice is nicely endowed so far as boobs, ass and hips are concerned. Her hair is long and gray with a lot of highlights. Her style of dress is skirt and blouse with kitty heels and those shoes are usually in black or red patent and look quite nice. Carol thinks it is sweet of me when her Mom leaves her glasses on the coffee table or in the kitchen and I've always cleaned them for her with a biker's bandanna. I like the kind of glasses she has, narrow oval; half-square or half-moon in silver or gold. Sometimes they hang across her ample boobs and, with the room light glimmering in those glasses, yup that always gets me hard. Carol and I have been married ten years; we have no rug rats, so it gives us plenty of time for an active sex life. Piano and riding a motorcycle are the things I really enjoy while Carol's thing is sketching in charcoal and watercolor painting. Carol and Janice got back and Carol told me, "Mom will be staying for about two months." I have no problem with that. One day while I was at work, Carol was looking for Christmas decorations and found a box of my old stuff in the garage. Who knows why she had to call me at work but she did. "Harry, I just found this box in the garage, You won't believe what is in it." I doubted it was a box containing nice ... chunks of twenties or fifties in nice thick packages like steaks, but the way she spoke, you'd think she found gold. I began to remember what was in that box, old magnets and telephone magneto's. It began to dawn on me that what she was so excited about were a number of large bras with a nice selection of ladies half-glasses with very nice glass beaded neck chains. I wondered why I'd begun to collect ladies glasses and neck chains and my mind went back to the second floor of Defiance Bleachery one Wednesday afternoon. It probably happened after I told Ruthie how hot she looked in her gold half-moon glasses as she read the Taunton Gazette during lunchtime. I asked her why it was I had certain feelings down south when I saw her in half-glasses. "Oh really? Like you're aroused?" "Yeah." "That is not uncommon, I can show you why you might be aroused at noontime." “So Ruthie, you’re not mad?” “No I’m not mad; it means you think that I look pretty good at my age.” “Well yeah, I thought that for a while now.” “Well, you wait till lunch time when everyone goes out to cash their check.” We found a quiet spot and everyone was out cashing their checks at Fernande’s or Henry Dions store by the tracks. Ruthie told me to drop my pants. She was wearing a nice pair of gold half-moon style. She wrapped the beaded chain for her half-square style around me and stroked my balls with those sparkling half-glasses, then jerked me off so the lens of her glasses were smothered in my warm thick cum It was ...