1. Carol's Mom

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Fetish, Author: heelzanpearls, Source: LushStories

    one closest to her heart. "Oh Harry, what's Mom gonna say when she puts this on?" "About the same as she finds the toe end of her heel covered in cum. I can't wait!" "I can get you off with her heel in the morning. Oh yes, she will find a lot of things are about to be considered your sexual playground." "Your Mom's got six weeks of having her things jismed with my fetish." "You know Harry, this bra might go missing before Mom leaves in seven weeks. What do you think of that?" "So, you think it is nice to use your mom's bra as a fetish item"? "Sure why not, since she wants to blackmail you. What would have happened if I did not get you off all over Mom's glasses, that you got so aroused, you took things in hand, so to speak. Not that I would mind, knowing about your little fetish of keeping my Mom's half-glasses spotless. But she is really overstepping when she wants you to do things, thinking I don't know and threatening to tell if you don't do what she wants." Then Carol smiled. “Harry, we can have a great time with Mom. She get her son in-law's big cock up her and she will end up leaving here and be very happy to visit again.”