1. Katja’s transfer

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Hardcore, Author: bigbad-meanmachine, Source: xHamster

    Katja’s transfer!! Katja is at work,the 36yr old single women looks like everyday forward to working again, but today her boss stands waiting on her to inlighten her with some bad news. They picked her for a special project to help along with. She is the most skilled and trained worker they got,she is foreman and knows what to do in many situation. Her work in gardens, plantations and woods is top work. Her boss tells her there is no other one good enough and they need her. Katja doesnt like it one little bit but her boss turns her mind around. Just 2 weeks do it for me then, Katja lets a deep sigh and says okay to it. Her boss tells her to get a bag packed for 2 weeks and then leave with a company car too the company she needs to go to. After an hour of 4 she arrives at the company, their is a man waiting for her. He introdues himself as the boss and says he will deliver the bag at the cabin because they should go and get started, The boss introduces Katja in the office to her colleague’s, the boss says this is mark,rob,kevin and maurice. Katja introduces herself tot hem and then boss starts rushing again to get busy,come one i will give you a workvan for those 2 weeks. They load up the gear and their backpacks with food and drinks. Mark takes charge and gets in drivers seat,next to him sits Rob. Maurice sits behind Rob and Kevin behind Mark. Inbetween Maurice and Kevin sits Katja. Mark tells Katja its a 25 min drive to the project, they all talk and the guys pay interest ... in Katja’s life. Questions like are you married,do you have k**s and so on. Soo after 20 min the questions starts to go more private towards Katja,slowly she feels more and more uncomfortable with the questions. Kevin next to her asked her if she even liked guys in a laughing way to her. Mark then ask her if she doesnt miss sex or a buddy to fuck with? Katja is stunned and speechless about that question, Mark says well u lost your tongue Katja or what? She still stares, being stunned and speechless. Kevin gives her a with his elbow a little tap,she shakes her head ,little stuttering she says none of your business. Thats the answer Mark didnt look for and get bit aggitated from it. they arrive in a part woods far away from anything. Mark turns around and looks strickt to Katja and ask her again the same question. She says i not gonna tell you Mark. He grabs her face with his hand holds it. He tells her he wants his answer now other wise she would expierence something much worse. Katja stubborn as she is says no again to him. What do we need to do with you to teach you some manners?? Something you never forget and we got two weeks with you. He asks Maurice and Kevin to hold katja’s arms. Rob starts opening her coat, Mark laughs now u will get manners. Mark and Rob take her sweater and shirt off, there sits katja in her bra holded by 2 guys and not able to get loose. Rob gets out of the Van to back of it to get something,when he returns he has some rope in his hands. Kevin starts ...