1. Fun times @ a conference Pt 4

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Author: retrotheman, Source: xHamster

    The following morning we woke about 7 and rolled round into each others' arm, with both of us wondering what to do. Every year the key note speech is the one session that is really worth going to, but as we were lying there talking about it, Julia was gently rubbing her hand up and down my dick and I was very delicately massaging the inside of her pussy that was already soaking. Thinking, albeit momentarily about work, I offered by way of a suggestion 'I think we ought to at least go to the first session as we are bound to be asked questions about it once we get back to work'. At that point Julia dived under the bed clothes and started sucking and licking my balls with such tenderness that the feeling was so intense in its own right that my dick started to lose it stiffness! Julia had such a light touch that she managed to get me physically trembling as she worked her way round and round my balls, occasionally taking one right into her mouth. I was in heaven, and this time it was my turn to arch my back in ecstasy and a kind of perverse pleasure that is difficult to describe. After a while I could take no more so I grabbed hold of Julia and said 'breakfast - now!'. She responded and said very forlornly 'I suppose you're right' so we made our way into the bathroom to shower and somehow we managed to keep our hands off each other long enough to get clean, dry and then dressed ready for breakfast. Once at breakfast we donned our very professional 'corporate personas' and joined ... the rest of the delegates staying at our hotel. As we finished, I reached under the table and gave the top of Julia's thigh a gentle squeeze and whispered in her ear 'wet are we?', to which she replied 'what do you think?' as she promptly put her hand in my lap to push down as she got up to leave the table. After the key note speech, we went our separate ways to attend our pre-selected conference sessions until the final one of the day, to which we had agreed to attend together. The conference was held at the Palais De Congress which is where the Cannes film festival is held and quite a number of the sessions are held in the main theatre, which was the case for the last session of the day. As it was we got to the auditorium about 10 minutes early and exchanged pleasantries about the day we had had, and decided that we should go to the circle gallery, which was unlikely to be as crowded at the downstairs section, that we way we thought we could sneak out if we got bored. Upon entering the theatre it turned out we were the first ones to take our seats so we scampered off to the furthest reach of the theatre like a couple of teenagers to the very back row, right up in the corner. Sitting there giggling, it wasn't long before Julia was nibbling my ear and running her tongue down my neck, and in response I was squeezing her thigh moving towards her cunt which I had a sneaking feeling was already becoming wet. All of a sudden the lights dimmed and we were quite literally the only ...