1. The dirty street

    Date: 11/7/2017, Categories: Fiction, Author: xxxhush, Source: sexstories.com

    Just this morning i left the house. I crossed the street. There was a wonderful young teen moving by. She might have been 15 or 16. She was wearing short skirts and beautiful brown tanned legs. It was summer so everyone was in a good mood. She moved in front of me with her beautiful long legs. I was staring at her ass which was she was shaking unconsciously in front of me. I had to put out my dick! Now i walked closely behind her, rubbing my dick. OH my god did it feel good. I stared at her legs, her beautiful hair, her round bubble ass and rubbed my dick. Then i had to come. OH my god what a load. But i didn't pay attention. I was too close too her. Some loads landed on her legs! She turned around and saw me. "OH my! What are you doing. I'm just 15 and this is an open place!" But then she smiled. She saw how big my dick was. "Oh.. It's really huge." So she reconsidered. With her fingers she wiped my sperm of her legs and slowly took it in her mouth. "Hmm. It tastes good. I never tasted sperm before. And from such a huge dick.. Your balls are really big too." She had licked and swallowed all my semen. "Can i lick your penis please? I already licked a penis of my boyfriend before. But he had a really tiny one. It was no fun at all. But yours.. It's so big!" So she bowed down before me and started licking, slowly, intensively. I got hard again. It felt really. Oh my god, she was just 15! Then she took my dick in her mouth and sucked it. My god.. She moaned and spit ran down ... her mouth on my dick. "Do i suck good?" she asked. "Of course you do. It's wonderful having a beautiful 15 year old sucking dick you know" i answered. She smiled and kept sucking. Then two young girls came around the corner. "Oh my god what is Sandy doing there? Is she sucking some guys cock?" they laughed. My little girl got up and waved the girls some hello. "Want to join me? He has a really huge dick!" So after a while three young girls were on my dick. Right on the street. They all were wearing some white tops so i could see their beautiful 14, 15 year old tits bouncing in front of me as they were sucking my dick. Milking it with their mouths. "Oh my. I want to feel it in my pussy now. Can you put it in please?" one of the girls asked. She put down her skirt and her pink panties and the two other girls leaded her ass right in front of my dick. "Put it inside! Please! I want to feel this hugeness!" she moaned. So i put it in. Slowly i throbbed in and out. The other two girls were smiling at me while i was in heaven. Oh my god, a 14 year old pussy. Right on my big dick. Maybe if i came now i would get this little teen pregnant. And all her girlfriends would know that she got knocked up by some potent huge dick guy. It was too much hot fantasy. I had to come again and load after load landed in her womb. It was so much. The cum ran out of her pussy. The two other girls saw my sperm and battled with their hands for it. Then they rubbed it on their white shirts, right on their ...