1. Never Trust a Handsome Man

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: First Time, Author: richgoodtimes, Source: xHamster

    My wife married (and divorced) young, and she was very prim and proper when we first met. Thankfully, she’s loosened up a lot since then, but I recently asked her if she had ever done anything naughty when she was young. This is the story she told me. The year the TV show MASH ended, a local bar had a farewell to MASH bash. My friend Janice and I went. This was a rare treat for me, I never went to places like that. It was Feb 28, 1983. I was 22 years old, and weighed around 150 at that time. Probably a 36C, my hair was long. I was actually much more social then than I am now, so I didn't have a lot of problems talking to strangers. Janice was much more outgoing than me, she was around the same size as me. We had no problem catching the eyes of men! Neither one of us drank a lot, we each had to drive home. Since I didn’t have anyone waiting for me at home, I didn't have to worry about when (or if) I went home. After the show ended, the real party started. As you can imagine, lots of loud music, dancing, grinding on the dance floor. I was never a good dancer, but I did like to dance. The dance floor got really crowded, you were really pressed up against other people. I had no interest in any one person, I wasn't there for that, I was there for a good time. Even though I had not drank much, I did have a good buzz going on, so most of my inhibitions had flown away! I had been dancing with this one guy, very appealing to me, tall, dark hair, beard and mustache, big manly ... hands. Just what I like! I don't remember the color of his eyes, though. But I do remember something else about him!!! We had danced a fast song, then the next song was slow. So we were hugged up tight. I guess all the music and girls in scanty clothing had gotten to him. And he must not have been drinking that night, if he was, it didn't affect his manhood. As I was snuggled up to him dancing, all I could feel was a very hard, very long dick pressed against my belly!! After that song, Janice found me and said it was time to go, she had to get her baby from the sitter. Needless to say, I was not ready to leave, I felt an urgent need to do some exploring of this large bulge I'd been feeling! Since Janice and I had driven separately to the bar, I told her to go on, but I was going to stay a while longer. She really didn't like that idea (I think she was jealous, this dudes bulge was very obvious!). Eventually she left and the guy and I went back to the dance floor, but only when they played a slow song! Well, I have to admit that I was doing some groping out there on the dance floor. You know how I am, its just so damn difficult to keep my hands off a trouser bulge! And his bulge went all the way from the bottom of his zipper to the top of his waistband! Very impressive! This was during the time I was living alone, after my divorce. So I was starved for some dick! As I've told you, I've always had a high sex drive. But not usually for just some random dick, I was not USUALLY ...