1. Winter Flame

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Lesbian, Author: germanwulf40, Source: LushStories

    Christmas, 2015. Canada had an exceptionally cold holiday season that year. The Scarlet family, however, spent it as they always did: in the relative warmth of their large log house. In the evening, everyone in the family was gathered together around the tree in the living room, opening their presents, even some extended family. That is, everyone except for seventeen year old Cora. Cora Scarlet was also spending this Christmas as she always had. Alone in her bedroom. For the last three years, Cora had become the black sheep of the family. The Scarlets were people that meant well, but to call them conservative was an understatement. When Cora had been caught by her conservative parents with her lips pressed to that of another girl, she had quickly become the outcast. Everything was tried to change what had happened. Therapy, various punishments and the like. Eventually it became clear that Cora was who she was, until it came down to her family taking care of her only to the extent that the law required. So here Cora sat on her bed, feeling sad and lonely, her stereo playing her favorite cd. It drowned out the noise from the living room well enough, save for the occasional cheer here and there. After all, there were quite a number of people filling the living room right now. Besides her parents, two elder sisters and two younger brothers, her aunt, uncle and two cousins had also been invited, as well as her eldest sister's boyfriend and family. In an attempt to distract ... herself further, Cora turned up the volume on her stereo ever-so-slightly, and walked to her bedroom window. She had a great view of the woods that sat behind her house, and was seriously considering a walk through them. When Cora could sit in her house no longer, she did just that. Already dressed in her blue jeans and turtle-neck sweater, she slipped her bare feet into her knee-high winter boots, as she swung her black leather coat with fur trimmings over her shoulders. Finally, she pulled her long blond hair out of it, pulled it into a tight pony tail, and began walking out. She did not even try to sneak passed her family; there were simply too many of them for no one to notice. Unfortunately for Cora, it was her father who noticed her heading toward the back door all dressed for the outdoors. He approached her quickly and kept his voice subtle as he asked, "Just where do you think you're going, young lady?" "Out," was all Cora said to him, without even stopping to say it. She knew if she stopped to argue, she would never make the back yard, let alone the woods beyond. As she crossed the snow-covered yard, she heard her father call after her. Without looking back, Cora jogged ahead until she crossed the tree-line. She continued walking briskly until the house was far enough behind her that no sound could be heard from it. By the time she stopped to think that she should have brought a light of some kind, her eyes were already adjusting to the surrounding darkness. Also now weary ...