1. 29.The punishment

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: alibodge, Source: xHamster

    29.The punishment Notes from Dawn written up by Ed Having done a lot of spanking and the occasional slipper or paddle, on one visit master, Ray, decided it was time to up the stakes and use a cane, he also decided that it should be in front of Andy to demonstrate my submissiveness. Just as I was about to leave the masters house, he told me that he had decided this was to happen the following weekend. I drove home with my heart racing at the thought of what Andy my husband would think. We soon sat having a coffee me recalling the things the master had done that day for Andy who enjoys the thought of the master using me. I explained that the master had said that he wished Andy to attend the next weekend and that he was going to cane me, something that had not happened before. There was a moments silence then Andy asked if that was what I really wanted. I replied that as was what master wanted and that I trusted him and was willing to do it, although I was apprehensive as to the pain it would cause. I told him it was as much to test his mental strength as mine, and that the master had said he was to ready me and present me to him then he was to witness my punishment. Andy said that he wasn`t really keen on me being hurt, but if that was what I really wanted then fair enough he would go along with it. There were five whole days to the punishment, and I knew I would need to keep busy to avoid my resolve weakening, I kept telling myself for Ray I would do whatever it took, ,. ... On the third day he rang me, Andy was out as Ray well knew he would be and I had just returned from work. My heart leapt as I took the call hoping against hope he was about to tell me He had been joking and that he just wanted to see my reaction. Nothing of the sort, he wanted to know if we were ok for the weekend. I said we were and that Andy though not keen was going along with it for me. He said that leaves just the question of the number of strokes. My heart missed a beat, I asked in a whisper what he suggested, and was dum-struck when he said 25 strokes, I said I could not possibly take that amount of pain, so we began a bidding war, he starting at 20 me at 6, we finally came to 12 but he warned me that at least half would be full power strokes as I had bargained him down from his 25 goal. I knew I dare not tell Andy of the call, as he would have I am sure, refused to allow such a harsh sentence He rang off after saying he was looking forward to my screams as there would be no gag. I stood telephone in hand stunned that I had offered my tender arse to my master for 12 stripes of the cane, imagining the pain involved. My sex was wet with the thought as I replaced the receiver. On the day Andy helped me to get ready. First Andy shaved me as he always does before sending me to the master, and then I showered, before gently and with care he dried my body, dusting me with talc, his hands caressing my backside as if knowing what was to happen to the pink cheeks his hand slid ...