1. Kitten's icey adventure

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: jayjay123, Source: LushStories

    The room was dark, and we had lost power. We had decided to light candles so that we could see around our small room. The flickering light licked up the walls of our small room. Our bed was big enough to cover about half of our floor space, at a king size. The little light that we had was from our 3 candles that had cast shadows around the room. Kitten and I sat there talking about everything, from the days chores, to what we longed to do before we died. Bringing a smile to my face, I asked on a whim as I saw the candle light flicker, "have you ever thought of what wax would feel like, on your skin I mean?" "Actually yeah, but I'm kind of scared of how bad it might burn," Kitten had replied. "Well, what if I had ice, just to make sure that it wouldn't burn to badly?" I asked. " If you promised me it wouldn't be permanent, I'll try it," she stated, almost in an excited tone, that was unmistakable. "I would never hurt you in a way that you didn't want me to, kitty, kitty," I had stated in a sure tone. "Well baby, everyone is asleep, and if we are quite, we can do it now?" She asked quizzically. "Do you promise to be a good girl?" I had asked in my serious, dominant voice. "I promise," she stated. "And if I begin to cry to loud, I'll bit into my pillow," She said trailing off. "Okay baby, let me go get some Ive for you. I have a feeling you will need it," I said to her as I begun to get up. "I'll be ready when you get back baby," she said in a cracked voice. As I walked down ... the hall I had the thought that she may only be trying this for me. But immediately dismissed the thought, because we have always been open of trying new things. She was a nymphomaniac and a submissive by nature. She would do anything for me as long as she knew I was getting pleasure from it. The thought of that alone was a turn on to me. I arrived at the kitchen and got a tall cup of ice from our fridge, and on the walk back, I thinking of the things that I wanted to try with her. Tonight, would be my night. I would do whatever I wanted to her, and she would be my slave. We never decided a safe word, which had always worried me, because I was afraid of going to far with her, and also because I loved her, I didn't want her to think that I was weird. My worst fear was her discovering that I wanted to do things, that she just didn't want to do, and because of how secretive I felt with her, I was never able to share all of my fantasy's with her. Arriving back in our room I remembered why I felt so deeply for her. She was laying there, bare, waiting for me. Her fiery red hair flow past her shoulders, the blankets beside her not betraying an inch of her perfect physice. The candle light flickering had left almost nothing to imagination. She was lying there in a seriniditious pose that left me wanting nothing more then to feast on her with my eyes. Her strong legs crossed at her knees, she had her hands draped across her breasts, as if to keep them a secret. She had a light smile on ...