1. Training Cassiopeia - Chapter 2 - The Offer

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Lesbian, Author: elspeth, Source: LushStories

    Bree cleaned off her makeup and hung up her costume, if tear-away clothing could be so classified. She shoved the business card from the ‘cop’ into the pocket of her jeans and clocked out. It was raining cats and dogs and once again she cursed that weird fucker of a meteorologist from Channel 10. “Sunny with a chance of light showers,” he’d said. Bree sat in her old VW Beetle and tallied up her tips and smiled. The ‘extra service’ fund would get a nice infusion of cash. She figured another year of this and she’d have enough money to go back to school full-time. She wanted to finish the degrees she’d been working on part-time for what seemed like forever and then find a nice job in research. Bree turned the key in the ignition. It went ‘click’. “Fuck!” The guy who’d given her a battery boost last time this happened told her the starter was going bad. He had offered to put in another if she went to Atlantic City with him for the weekend. “Just a date, Bree.” She’d just thanked him saying, “My mother wouldn’t approve.” Her mother was dead; she should have taken him up on his offer. She wouldn’t be sitting out here in torrential rain, in a car that wouldn’t start, with clothes that were soaked and clinging to her skin. She banged on the steering wheel with the heels of both hands, gripped it, laid her forehead on the wheel and sighed. This couldn’t have happened in the lot beside her apartment on a bright sunny day? She shrieked in surprise when someone tapped on her window. Her ... boss believed in security for his customers and his employees. A person could read a newspaper in the parking lot. She had no problem recognizing her; the hesitant blonde who’d fucked up her evening . Bree debated just ignoring her but it was raining and she was standing there peering down at her with those huge gray eyes. She rolled down the window and said, “Yes, officer , can I help you?” with her sweetest kiss-ass voice. The woman frowned and said, “I need to talk with you please. I’m not a vice cop but I am getting wet.” Bree reached across the seat, unlocked the passenger door, threw her sports bag into the back seat and motioned her around. This should be interesting, she thought to herself. She slipped into the front seat and Bree caught a flash of smooth thighs and red panties when the blonde’s skirt rose up. Tall people and VW Beetles aren’t exactly made for each other. She took a handkerchief from her purse and dabbed at her cheeks. Who the hell carries a hanky around these days? “What’s wrong with your car?” she asked. “Won’t start. Starter’s shot. What do you want?” She really didn’t want to have this conversation here and now. She wanted to go home, soak in a hot tub, catch up on Anastasia’s latest go-round with Mr. Grey and then sleep until it was time to go back to work. “I have a proposition for you. How much do you make a week here?” Bree stared at the blonde who was dripping all over her front seat. That wasn’t what she had expected at all. She blurted out, ...