1. Extra 2

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Domination / Submission, Teen, Author: Sexy Queen, Source: sexstories.com

    As Laura wiped her face with the towel Dick gave her, as she could envision was both men’s faces. Their smiles as she performed that terrible acted. As ordered by Dick she followed him, he led her to a classroom that was located at the back of the college. Laura knew that no one came this far back, as the college was finished for the semester. Dick opened the classroom door, motioned for her to enter the cold and isolated room. She walked a couple of steps in when she her the door close behind her. She turned to the door; Dick is walking towards the main desk. He plants his ass on the side; “Well you’re not only good at your studies and making friends, but your good at pleasing my boss too” he smiles looking at me. Probably picturing her on her hands and knees, with a face covered in cum. “Well Laura, Noel was telling me… Oh wait you know what he was telling me. You were there, under the desk sucking his cock!!” “Listen Dick I’m sorry you saw that, I don’t know what to say” “No don’t be sorry, it was actually the best meeting I have been at in ages. Well let us get down to the point! You want a passing grade yes?” “Meh yes please” “Well first of all you didn’t have to go to Noel! You could have just come to me; I would have given it to you. You were a good student.” As Dick was saying this Laura’s mind was on overdrive, she sucked Noels cock for nothing. Her only time being a dirty girl and it was for nothing. “Well then since you asked I’ll pass you, but I have a problem ... Laura” confused and not able for more mind blowing news. Dick approached her from the desk, placed his on arms. “You see Laura, after seeing you covered in cum, on your hands and knees,” he moved her hand to his jeans, were she felted a huge bulge. “Well you had some cock already, and for the last few years I wanted to tap your honey pot” He bended his head and kissed her. Laura was dying to just to go home and pleasure herself, but here was standing a young enough man with a cock asking her to surrender herself to him in a cold classroom. As she was thinking about this, Dick decide to help himself. With both hands he was holding, massaging her tits through her top. Dick moved in again to kiss Laura, while using the kiss to distract her, from his hands moving to her back and UN clipping her bra. As it was UN, clipped Laura snapped out of it. “Stop this isn’t right Dick, I can’t I already did doesn’t horrible, I’m sorry” trying to move away from Dick’s body. “Oh no you don’t, a few seconds ago you were dying for it” he catches her before she moves away from his grasp… “You see when I said before about you, you are a cock tease… and you are no longer going to tease me” he whispered into her ear. Dragging her to the nearest table, Laura’s face firmly planted to the cold table. “Please Dick, please stop” she plead to him While she was pleaing to him, his hands got busy. As Dick’s body was holding her body in one place, he wiggled his jeans off, when he had them off. He placed on ...