1. Extra 2

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Domination / Submission, Teen, Author: Sexy Queen, Source: sexstories.com

    the little whore going to cum?” Without even answering about Laura went into override, grabbing his shoulder and riding Dicks cock wildly “Oh yeah that’s it go to town Laura, keep going… cum you little cunt” With all the names, Dick is calling Laure she could contain it no more…. The floodgates open. Laura pussy just kept tightening and un tightening against Dicks cock “yes yes yes yes…..ahhhhhhh” Laura went limp on Dicks lap “Good girl, good girl….. You just showed me you are not a cock tease no longer! Now it’s my turn” Throwing her onto the main desk still coming down from cumming…… “Do you really want a passing grade? You can come back repeat the year and have some more fun” Dick moved between her legs, not all Laura could do was nod any. “well it was worth a try” his cock entered her pussy with the softs of touches “well” slowing moving his cock in and out “it’s time for the passing grade question…….. The question is can you take it “with that he whipped out his cock and rammed it into her ass. Laura jolted up straight away with a loud cry… with Dick holds her in place “what are you doing?” Laura asked confused and sore “Why I’m giving you your passing ...
    grade darling…. Now lie back down and enjoy,” laughed dick With her questioning him, Dick felted he needed to teach her a lesson she would never forget All Laura could feel was Dick’s massive cock destroying her ass, he was getting quicker and each stroke it was getting stronger. Laura looked up saw Dicks face; he loved every minute of it. However, deep down Laura was beginning to feel less pain and a more pleasure… “You…. Are … going to love this … when I’m …ahhhhh…..finished,” Dick was grunting more with every push. Then Dick started to slow down with long thrush going into Laura’s ass… “Here is your passing grade you cunt” with that, Dick came in her ass… “Ahhh oh yeah” moaned Dick. That classroom was finally quite with only Laura and Dicks breathing filling the void. Dick moved away his limped cock slipped out leaving a track of cum pouring out of Laura’s ass. “Well congrats you passed” Dick said while getting dressed. When he was finally dressed he walked up to the wore out Laura, “I’m so happy I failed you…”slaps her tit “I knew everything you be great… well thanks babes” walking out of the classroom laughing leaving a cum filled Laura naked on the table.