1. Watch Me

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: EmiliaFoxton, Source: LushStories

    "Watch Me." Those two simple words fell longingly from Anabel’s mouth as she gazed through the panes of her bedroom window, dripping from her pink lips with heated promise as she shivered upon the edge of her bed. The words fell from her trembling mouth devoid of sound, her body humming in nervous anticipation as her widened, hazel hued eyes obsessively zeroed in on his motionless form as he watched her from afar. He mimicked her perfectly from within the safety of his home, his spine rim rod straight while his shaft hardened in anticipatory arousal, in direct imitation of the desire beginning to pool between Anabel’s trembling thighs. Anabel remembered the day he had first moved into her neighborhood, into the house directly beside hers that happened to be somewhat suspiciously positioned so close to her own. When she moved in herself, only a month before, she had asked her landlord about the close proximity of her neighbor to her left. The room she wished to take as her bedroom backed extremely close to one which she suspected would be occupied as a bedroom as well once a new tenant moved in, both windows providing a direct view into each other’s rooms. Her landlady, a sweet elderly woman who had welcomed her so kindly when she had first approached her for potential occupancy, had reassured her with a pat and a smile that she had nothing to worry about. People who had lived here before her'd had no complaints in which “peeping toms” were involved, that the house’s other ... charms held sway over the potential spying of a nosy neighbor. Although Anabel had always thought of herself as an extremely private person and had initially balked at the possibility of being spied upon while she dressed or simply went about her business from within her bedroom walls, the rent was reasonable and it was in all other ways the type of home she knew she could be content to live within. Despite her initial misgivings, Anabel had found herself only a few days later moving in box after box through the front door of her new home. A month had gone by and the house built so close to hers had remained empty until about two weeks ago when she had arrived home from work around five pm to find a moving truck parked outside her front door. Anabel had found herself peeking through her blinds in spite of her resolve to leave her new neighbor in peace to settle in. Her eyes had settled appreciatively upon the sight his lanky form as he hauled box after box up his front steps, his glasses askew upon his face while he shook his tousled mop of auburn curls from side to side in an effort to fling them away from his eyes. Anabel had not asked his name then and still did not know his name now as she quivered at the edge of her bed, her nipples pressed enticingly against the silky texture of the only nightgown she owned. She had left him alone and he had done likewise to her, sensing a kindred spirit who preferred to be left alone within the privacy of his own home...until the previous ...