1. My Second time Bi Experience, the Second Hour!

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Anal, Gay, Hardcore, Author: jnc4456, Source: xHamster

    Ok, I had just had my first Bi KISS and first CUM Kiss with Tom who was just as Happy as he could be. After our kiss, he said how much he was enjoying introducing me to the Bi life. So here we stand, my chest still sticky with the random cock's cum, my head spinning a little from what I had just done to that cock...totally naked except for shoes...with Tom who was Also totally naked as well. He said &#034Now, where were we?&#034 and he took my aching cock in his hand and made me sit back on the bench again.His hand felt SO good on my cock and then even better his Tongue began to clean up the copious amounts of pre-cum oozing from it. I closed my eyes and prepared for another incredible blow job. He went to work on my hard cock, working the head like a k** eating a melting ice cream cone...damn it felt good, so good I didn't want it to stop. I tried to prolong it by thinking about other things but he was just too damn good and in no time he had my balls tight and ready to pop. I warned him halfheartedly by saying you're going to fast to which he replied with a grin...&#034i know what I am doing!&#034 and with that I unleashed all that my 18 year old cock had stored up for the day! He held my hard cock in his mouth and milked it for all it was worth and swallowed it quickly and squeezed another drop out and licked it from the tip of my cock. I looked at him over my cock..a satisfied look on his face. He kissed my cock as he stood up and told me how good it was. it was then ... that I noticed another cock sticking through the hole and pointed it out to Tom...He turned and went straight (pun intended!) for it. The cock in the hole was already as big as mine and it wasn't even hard yet. I found myself mesmerized watching Tom work around this big cock. He lovingly touched and licked it making it twitch and move. Every now and then he would turn to me and wink or smile and shake his head Yes, letting me know he was enjoying this thing as it continued to grow bigger and harder. When it seemed to be fully erect he really got into sucking it, taking it completely into his mouth to the point of almost gagging. I found myself getting aroused from the cocksucking show he was putting on! Tom noticed I was getting hard again so he motioned for me to move closer, which I gladly did. Soon I was standing right beside the hole with my cock right beside the other cock so that Tom could switch easily between the two. It was SO hot watching him sucking this b**st of a cock and then sucking mine. He would try to get both into his mouth, but there wasn't room for both. It did give me a new thrill to feel my cock against the other larger one. At some point, Tom decided it was time to take things up a bit and he invited the other guy into the booth with us. The guy eagerly agreed and his cock disappeared from the hole and less than a minute later there was a knock on our door. Tom opened the door and let him in. When the door was open, I noticed there was a few guys of ...