1. Hot, Wet Redhead

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: snoman71, Source: LushStories

    I got home from my meeting and set my briefcase on the table. I loosened my tie as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. As I opened the door, my heart began to race. I had fantasized about this more often than is healthy, but there lay Eve's cheerleader kit on the floor next to my bed. Muffled sounds of the shower running flowed out the narrow gap, as the chocolate hardwood door to my master bathroom stood slightly ajar. I didn't want to think. If I hesitated, I feared I'd lose my nerve. I stripped and quietly opened the door... and time stood still. I took in every detail of this familiar room as if for the first time - the object of my long unrequited affection was hot, wet and completely naked merely a few strides away. The room was dimly lit; only a solitary, warm light above the shower had been left on. The air was thick with steam but that wasn't why I was having trouble breathing. Fogged up glass blurred her form but I could see her hands were lathering shampoo in her breathtaking copper-coloured curls. I reached for the handle and slowly pulled against the magnetic closures. They gave with only the slightest sound. I took in her naked form and had a sense of déjà vu, but she was more lovely and stimulating than I had ever imagined. Eyes clamped tightly closed against the potentially stinging suds, she continued to work the shampoo in as the splatter of hot water hit my feet. I took the final step, slipping silently into the shower behind her. We were no more than a ... foot apart, but she didn't seem to notice my presence. I leaned against the cool tile and watched as she pirouetted to rinse the foam from her hair. The emerald that dangled from her belly button jewellery was the same colour as her eyes. Low light and the wetness made her hair two or three shades deeper in colour. Her breasts raised and lowered as she vigorously worked the suds out. Her pale skin sparkled as the light danced off the sheets of water running over her. She faced back to the spray and rinsed the soap off her face. I could contain myself no longer. I reached softly and slipped my hands across her skin above the curve of her hips, longing to wrap my arms around that tight little belly and pull her close. She seemed to jump, but only slightly, and to my surprise and delight she leaned back against me slowly and softly. As my throbbing cock nestled partly between her fabulous bum cheeks and slid up her soapy back, she turned her head slightly and glanced back at my face, then cooed and pulled my arms tight around her waist. "I knew it was you," Eve's sweet voice whispered. I slowly ran my hands over her soft skin, sliding slowly up to cup each breast, gently kneading the globe and the softly running my index finger over each erect nipple. I pulled her close. My engorged penis pressed between us. I wanted to savor the embrace that we were sharing, but also wanted to slam my cock into every opening in this gorgeous young cheerleader. As the conflict raged between my ...