1. Becoming Chloe - Part 12

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Crossdressing, Author: allfours, Source: LushStories

    I walked through the door, and almost immediately all my resolve disappeared at the sight that met my eyes: my wife was sitting on the sofa with her legs spread wide with Tina between them, eating her out like no tomorrow! Vickie's knickers were wrapped around one ankle, and she held up her legs high to give her lover better access to her quim. It glistened in the late afternoon light with her juices mixed with Tina's saliva as she licked my wife's pussy from top to bottom and back again. I stood, dumbfounded and unable to move as Tina slid a finger deep inside Vickie's pussy and frigged her with it while she sucked on her clit. My wife's face was a picture, contorted with pleasure with her eyes clamped shut while Tina took her to heaven with her mouth and fingers. Vickie's hands crept up and massaged her own tits as Tina quickly brought her off. I don't know how, but I found myself sat on the armchair, mesmerised by the sight of these two women making love. My mind was in a whirl, the whole thing was so hot and so passionate that the reason I'd walked in on them was immediately forgotten, and now I didn't want to disturb their fun. As I watched my adorable wife climax, I suddenly realised that I wished it was me sitting like that. I wanted to swap places with her, I wanted to have my own pussy eaten out and fingered by someone while I pulled on my own breasts. The thought hit me like a hammer, and the shock of it left me reeling more than what was happening in front of ... me. What was happening to me? My reverie was cut short by Tina's voice. "Hi Chloe. D'you want to come and join me?" I needed no second invitation and two seconds later I was on my knees alongside her with my tongue sliding into Vickie's soaking pussy. Tina continued to slide her fingers into her for a minute or two, so I had to work around them, but I didn't mind. She eventually pulled them out and stood up, shedding her coat and revealing that her stunning body was only wearing a purple satin quarter bra, waist clincher and suspender belt connected to a pair of sheer black fishnet stockings. I vaguely registered that she wasn't wearing knickers, and that she'd left her bush as nature intended. Her breasts were magnificent, at least a C-cup with beautiful long nipples. Stepping past me, Tina stepped onto the sofa and straddled my prostrated wife, presenting her pussy for licking. She told Vickie to lick her out, and I looked up to see Vickie lean forward and dive straight in, eagerly licking and munching on Tina's cunnie. My wife's hands cupped her girlfriend's ass and pulled her onto her willing mouth and face. Soon her face was gleaming with Tina's cum, covering her mouth and chin. Vickie couldn't seem to get enough of it, especially when Tina talked dirty to her, encouraging her to lick her deeper, calling her dirty names and even grabbing her hair and pushing her face deeper into her crotch. It wasn't long before Tina closed her eyes and let her head fall back as my wife ...