1. Karen’s Awakening 2 - Into the Country

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: serengeti, Source: LushStories

    I didn’t want to pressure Karen into doing anything she didn’t want to. I let her make her choices and go at her own pace. A week after she had taken the first step by shaving her pubic area we went away for the weekend, a remote cottage in the country, about a two hours drive from our hometown. Karen clearly was relishing the opportunity to finally show her hidden wild side as on the road she pulled up her short skirt to reveal that she was naked beneath it. I didn’t notice at first, my eyes focussed on the road, but she took my hand and placed it between her thighs and dragged my hand over her bare pussy. I was shocked, yet excited and eased back on the accelerator as I began to explore her wet folds with my fingers. Soon I was pumping a finger deep into her as she leaned back spreading her legs wide and putting her feet up on the dash. A felt her hand unzip my trousers and release my hard cock which she began to pump vigorously as we drove along. I felt Karen stiffen and thrust against my fingers as she came, this as we entered the last town before our final destination. We had to stop to by provisions at a supermarket. To my surprise and delight, Karen chose merely to pull down her short skirt to cover her upper thighs. Down the aisles she teased me by flashing from time to time. She was still careful to ensure that no-one else would see. Fortunately my baggy trousers hid my erection from view as we stood in the cashiers queue. Thirty minutes later, after a drive on ... some rough forest roads, we arrived at the cottage set on the edge of an escarpment with spectacular views in almost every direction and hardly any evidence of modern civilisation in sight. The owner of the cottage had left us a note telling us where to find everything and useful information on wildlife and trails in the area. We were alone! After we unpacked the car, Karen handed me a cold beer and told me to relax outside on the terrace while she prepared lunch. I didn’t argue. I wanted to take in the tranquillity of the place. I was so chilled out I barely noticed Karen spreading a rug out on the lawn and laying out a platter of sandwiches. She invited me to sit on the rug and told me she would be right back. I sat and waited. A couple of minutes later Karen returned, stark naked, and sat next to me. She asked me to undress and join her in a naked picnic in the warm sun. I didn’t need a second invitation to strip off my clothes and sit down on the rug again next to this sexy woman. My cock was hard as she pushed me onto my back and began kissing my neck and slowly moving downwards, nibbling on my nipples and finally licking my erection. For the first time since meeting her, Karen took me into her mouth and began sucking. Clearly she was not familiar with a cock in her mouth but she got into the swing of things and soon her head was bobbing up and down vigorously. Feeling I was about to explode I told her. Almost in panic she pulled back, but began pumping me with her hand. A ...