1. Innocent wife becomes nudist

    Date: 11/8/2017, Categories: True Story, Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Exhibitionism, First Time, Straight Sex, Voyeur, Wife / MILF, Author: monica1993, Source: sexstories.com

    Hello guys. This is my first story. It’s based on some true incidents that had happened previously and changed my life a lot .I have spiced it up bit for u all. I am John and I am from Bangladesh. It’s a small poor and developing country. I had a tough childhood living and growing in the neighborhood. But I worked hard and got myself into a good company. Busy with my life I never had any great relationships and beautiful girlfriends and had an arrange marriage fixed by my parents. I went to see a girl named Alia. The moment I saw her I was mesmerised by her beauty. She was brown the same complexion as all but was fairest among all. 5 8' height beautiful black hair and that moment in itself I decided she is the one that I would like to spend my whole life with. We came to know each other; she was impressed by my wits and my physique. She was very shy in nature, kind and loving but very prude well it wasn't her mistake that’s how we all are raised here. They teach us that sex is taboo here, not to discuss it in open not to speak about it, not to show affection in public and all traditional and bullshit stuff that irritated me and annoyed me. We got married. And the first night we had amazing sex. She was indeed created perfectly. Had 34 C cups. Really pretty, tight breasts, dark brown nipples with beautifully shaped areola. She was bushy down there. Really innocent not really having much of sexual knowledge and very reluctant to try new things. Well time passed and we agreed ... to try new things and make love in more compassionate way but she would always object with new things. She would not like to wear revealing clothes, no cleavage, no bikinis. Well it was her personal choice but it really pained to see me how she hid all her desires and how sexually frustrated she was. I tried my best to befriend her and talk to her more personal stuff and discuss intimate things like masturbating and told her it’s OK to enjoy it with me and never to be shy with me. I tried to watch some soft porn and loving things and Kamasutra and sex stories of other couples but it took her time to understand and let her feelings come out from the deep down where she drowned it. Within 2 years I excelled in my job and got an opportunity to work for a US company. It was a great opportunity and I wanted to move out from that place. We shifted to US. It was great experience for me and Alia. I was very good in my job and my boss was really impressed by my work. His name was Carl. He is 49 years old short guy. Well he was really impressed my skills and really liked me. I got the best employer of the year bonus and all because of him. I knew the perks of keeping boss happy. And it was sort of my aura that attracted interesting company. We went to a bar to celebrate and I got really drunk. We shared some personal stuff our wife’s stories our sex lives. Well he spoke to me very freely well and I was really high and one thing slipped out of my mouth and that was my wife was very prude ...