1. Unwanted attention - Chapter 8

    Date: 11/9/2017, Categories: Diary, Female solo, Incest, Masturbation, Teen, Teen, Teen, First Time, Written by women, Teen, Author: young_Jasmine, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter 8 I usually slept in some thin PJ’s during summer, but lately I was waking up all sweaty and wet due to the nightly torments and twisting around in my bed, so I started sleeping naked for comfort and extra convenience. So, I got out of bed and put my robe on and walked down the hall to the bathroom. As I passed my brother’s room I remembered our little encounter from yesterday, when I ran out of the bathroom in my panties and bra and unintentionally flashed James my almost naked ass and most likely ended up bouncing my boobs in his face without noticing it also. I passed his room and the door was still closed, so relieved I stepped in the bathroom and closed the door behind me and locked it. I never used to lock anything but after the assault I became very protective of my nakedness and my body in general which everyone (men especially) seemed to drool over. Disgusted of this taught I opened the shower door and stepped in, turned the water on and just stood there for a few minutes. Then started washing myself, not as roughly as I did yesterday, no, that was different…… Yesterday after coming back from “therapy” I jumped immediately in the shower and gave myself a long and thorough scrub down, cleaning every inch, every crevice and every hole twice and then twice again, still feeling dirty and used. I was practically punishing myself for performing all those acts that he demanded of me, letting myself be touched in all those places and ways, I was punishing my body ... for being so dam desirable, or “perfect” as the good doctor put it. No, today I was just taking a normal shower, or as normal as I could anyway… After I lathered myself up, I washed my hair and then rinsed all over and stepped out. I dried up with a large bath towel and when I was ready to come out I put my robe back on, a smile crept up on my face, this time I had remembered to bring a robe and not flash anyone on the hall, then I opened the door and walked back to my room. As I got next to James’s room, the door was open and I looked inside. I didn’t see him at his desk, which is the first thing in site when you peek in through the door that was odd. I knocked twice: “Jimmy, are you here?” -“Yeah, I’m in bed” “Are you OK” -“Amm… yeah, I’m good….” That didn’t sound very convincing. I figured that he must not be feeling well or maybe he’s got a cold or something along those lines. He was such a good kid, I’m not just saying that because he is my brother. I know that most siblings, especially brothers and sisters don’t get along very well, fight all the time, annoy each other or one gets on the other one’s nerves, but for us it was just the opposite. We were best friends, even with the two year age difference between us. So I just asked: “Can I come in?” -“Amm, OK” I stepped in and he was in his bed, under the covers. I just came closer and sat on the edge next to him. I placed one hand on his forehead and he felt fine. “You don’t have a fever, is it a headache?” He just shook ...